Milkgore Egirl Pink Hairstyle

Top 35 Egirl Hairstyles: Trendy and Inspiring Ideas

Featured Image: @alicedelish

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Want to level up your hair game and stand out from the crowd?

Match your Egirl makeup with our favorite eye-catching Egirl hairstyles! Discover Egirl history, must-have products, and awe-inspiring styles that will transform your look.

Get ready to be inspired by 35 stunning egirl hairstyles for 2024 and learn how to customize your hair to suit your unique style and personality.

Where did E-Girl Come From?

Blue Egirl Hairstyle with White Ribbons

Online gaming and social media platforms gave birth to E-Girl culture around 2013, and its popularity has been on a steep rise ever since.

Platforms like, Discord, Twitch, and YouTube have all played a significant role in the growth of E-Girl culture and the popularization of the current E-Girl look. Hair, especially in black and blonde hues, has always taken center stage in E-Girl culture.

E-Girl hairstyles are characterized by high contrast and bold hair colors, often featuring streaks of vibrant hues or block-colored bangs. The trend has evolved over the years, with various styles and patterns emerging, each one more eye-catching than the last.

If you’re looking for more than just hair, check out our ultimate guide for e-girl makeup. or inspiration for egirl eyeliner.

The E-Girl Aesthetic Explained

Egirl Hairstyle White with Black Ribbons

The E-Girl aesthetic emphasizes individual expression through a blend of bold hair colors, edgy makeup, fake lashes, and a fusion of vintage and modern fashion elements, often drawing inspiration from anime and 90s nostalgia. The hair is an essential component of the E-Girl look that features:

  • Black hair with bleached or dyed bright streaks framing the face.
  • Block-colored bangs.
  • Split hair colors.
  • Rainbow hues.

E-Girls are known for their fun and daring hairstyles, such as sassy pigtails, space buns, and butterfly hair accessories, which are super cute and stylish.

One popular E-Girl hairstyle is adding a fun touch of color or bleach to bangs, making them stand out and showcase your unique style. In this article, we will explore some of the best e girl hairstyles that you can try to elevate your look, including those with black and blonde hair, as well as other creative options for your blonde hair.

To complete the E-Girl look, makeup plays a significant role, with winged eyeliner and dark locks being essential elements. The E-Girl aesthetic is versatile, allowing you to experiment with different hair colors, patterns, and accessories to truly make the style your own.

How to Get E-Girl Hair

Rainbow Egirl Gamer Twitch

Achieving the E-Girl hair trend is easier than you might think, with various methods available for you to try.

Temporary hair dyes, clip-in extensions, and wigs are fantastic options, allowing you to switch up your style with minimal commitment.

Regardless of whether you choose vibrant neon green or soothing lavender pastels, E-Girl hair is about boldly declaring your mood and style. With the right products and techniques, you can effortlessly transform your hair and join the E-Girl movement.

Top 35 E-Girl Hairstyles for 2024

Prepare to draw inspiration from these 35 breathtaking E-Girl hairstyles for 2023, showcasing a medley of hair color ideas, styles, and trends that will pique your interest to give them a try.

From vibrant orange and blonde to striking black and platinum, as well as dreamy pastel pink and purple, there’s something for everyone in this showcase of E-Girl hair masterpieces!

E-Girl hairstyles are all about self-expression, and there’s no shortage of options for you to choose from. Some popular E-Girl hairstyles include:

  • Chunky blonde highlights
  • Rainbow E-Girl Highlights
  • Platinum Blonde E-Girl Streaks
  • Two-Tone Pastel E-Girl
  • Dipped Ends
  • Thin Highlighted Strands
  • Pink Face Framing Highlights
  • Neon Fringe Highlights
  • E-Girl Highlights
Milkgore Egirl Pink Hairstyle
source: milkgore

How freaking cute is this bright pink, tight curled, and blunt bangs bob? This e girl hair matches perfectly with the pink face. Use a 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron barrel to get your hair volumized in a pinch!

Egirl Rainbow Hairstyle with Headphones Alice Delish
source: alice_delish

Playing with pastel hair colors is a sure way to turn heads! Don’t know where to start? At the roots use a pastel green, fade it to a muted blue, then a lavender purple, and finish off with baby pink tips.

Emo Egirl Dark Wisp Dark Hair Yuprntae
source: yuprntae

Not all Egirl looks have to be full with wild colors and vivid dyes. The dark brown, tomboy, wispy hair look is one that is super popular in Anime and Manga. Go ahead and unleash your inner bad boy egirl style!

Classic Long Pink Egirl Angelicatlol
source: angelicatlol

Ahhh, the classic long pink hair is an Egirl look that always brings out the most adorable side of us. Use sharp hair scissors to cut 4 inch, faded, side bangs to frame the face and give a sweetheart vibe.

Dark Roots Blue Egirl Hairstyle b_dockk
source: b_dockk

Dark roots are perfect for growing out your hair with less maintenance and work. Bleached out hair at the crown of the head, then dying the rest of the section platinum and sky blue makes you look ethereally unique.

Platinum Egirl with Black Roots Angelicatlol
source: angelicatlol

Staying within the dart root theme, this blond platinum egirl hair look is super cute. Don’t forget to cut the front ends just below your chin area for a detailed flair.

Black Midnight Blue Blunt Bangs Egirl
source: yashafluff

Black midnight blue with blunt bangs is such a great way to turn up the E-girl hair without going extremely bold! Be sure to make two pigtails on the sides of the head, right above the ears for added texture.

Long Grey Tinted Egirl Hair Bassdrip
source: bassdrip

Long grey tinted, white hair with kawaii hair clips is a sure way to keep your look with your Band-aid Egirl makeup as the focus. Just make sure to keep the ends hydrated with hair oil so that it doesn’t look too frayed!

Front Bangs Blown Out Angelicatlol
source: angelicatlol

The trend of having your front bangs blown out to the sides is always going to give that timeless modern 70’s hair look. Pair that with a caramel dye in the front and warm dark brown, you’ll be rocking the natural feel.

Strawberry Blond Egirl Hair Angelicatloll
source: angelicatlol

Strawberry blond hair with a brighter pink dyed in the front makes this hair look super creative! Just makes sure to add brushed out, 1 inch curls, and side pigtails for a innocent look.

Sexy Hot Pink Egirl BritanyRaquell
source: britanyraquell

Egirl hair doesn’t have to always be light and pastel. Turn up the brightness to add a wild side to your hair with sexy HOT pink! Keep the area around the scalp your natural shade while adding two small pink scrunchies on the crown of the head to keep it sweet.

Egirl Pigtail Pink Hair Dye Alyri_Tv
source: akyri_tv

Keeping up with the long pigtails, here is an Egirl hair look that will sure bring out the gamer girl in anyone. Use a temporary pink hair dye for the bleached front ends to add a layer of depth and accessorize with hot pink devil horns.

Thick Wispy Front Bangs Egirl Hairstyle Celeste CSS
source: celeste.css

If you want to stay away from the dyes, wigs, and extensions, keep your natural hair and just add thick, wispy front bangs! The shoulder length will keep your hair looking volumized and lush.

Thick Wispy Front Bangs Egirl Hairstyle Celeste CSS
source: alice_delish

Speaking of keeping it simple, use your natural blond hair in a short cut for a “paw”sitive egirl appeal. Just makes sure to cut the two front pieces an inch longer than your chin, so that you can keep them in the front when tucking the rest behind your ear.

Thick Blunt Bangs Pink Stripe Meowitscrystal
source: meowitscrystal

There is something so striking about fresh, black dyed hair and thick blunt bangs cut just below the brows! Add a pop of color on the left side of the face with baby pink (or any color) to look creative!

Goth Egirl Hairstyle Look Cinnannoe
source: cinnannoe

If you want to rock a goth egirl look and don’t know what hairstyle will go with that theme, then layers are the answer! Thin out your hair then add black dye to the top and fade bleached out grey, white ends to feel edgy.

Curling Iron Eyegirl Alice Delish
source: alice_delish

Use a large curling iron to create soft curls for this romantic hair look. Finish the style with bangs and a middle part. Then balayage your hair with a light purple pink for an irresistible winter cool tone.

Color Clip Hair Extension Egirl Hairtsyle
source: he_zhe_zhe

Pop your favorite clip in colored hair extensions on the sides above your ears for a superhero egirl look! White will always be striking against the contrast of cool tone dark locks.

Invert Side Pony Tail Egirl Hairstyle
source: lena_kitsune

Invert your side ponytails upwards for volume by gently pulling out the elastic once it’s been tied, then making a hole in the middle of the section. Then flip the elastic and hair underneath into the hole and tighten to make your blond platinum hair look charming.

Grunge Black Egirl Hairstyle
source: milkgore

Grunge black hair will always be a E-girl hair classic! Keep the top of the head flat while adding curls for volume away from the face. Grown out front bangs that are gently swept to the side will give your hair style an added flair.

Peach Blond Egirl Hair
source: bunny_alina_kim

Peach blond hair is a great look for the furry babe that you are! Just remember to wash your hair as little as possible during the week to keep the color vibrancy as long as you can.

Warm Brown Egirl Hair
source: celeste.css

Warm browns with added lighter highlights and curtain bangs is always inviting! You can wear this look up or down, just make sure to take out the side baby hairs by your ears to blend with your bangs.

Jet Black Egirl Messy Pullup
source: yuprntae

Jet black hair with thinned out bangs makes this E-girl hair look easy to pull half up. Make a messy half bun to bring out your inner Asian bad girl.

Firey Orange Curl Egirl Hairstyle
source: lena_kistune

We HAD to include a fiery orange colored hairstyle with curls and bangs to bring out the fox egirl look to life! Use fox ears, monochromatic clothes, contacts, and makeup for a head turning trend.

Layered Bleach Platinum Egirl Hair
source: sugoimeg

Ask your hair stylist for multiple layers in your bleached platinum hair and thin front bangs to re-create this Bubbles inspired look! Add two, off white bows, and pull back your pig tails to finish it off.

Long Pink Timeless Egirl Hairstyle
source: ira_dash_

You don’t need layers for this timeless hairstyle. Long and pink…enough said!

Cute Egirl Space Buns
source: alice_delish

You don’t think we could forget about showing you some inspo on creating some cute space buns, could you? Take out two small front pieces, then use bobby pins to hold up the hair.

Side Braid Pink Ribbons
source: lena_kitsune

We just love side braids with ribbon intertwined within the hair strands! Make this e-girl look intentionally “messy” by having the front hair pieces pulled out.

Milkgore Classic Split Hair Colours
source: milkgore

What would Egirl hair be without the classic split hair colors?! Whether you pair a natural hair shade and a fun, colorful hair dye or split your hair using different shades, this picture can be interpreted to however you feel!

Aqua Blue Egirl Hair
source: candyasmus

Style your subtle heart liner makeup with aqua blue hair! Lightly braid your hair the night before to create these loose curls and don’t forget to part your hair in the middle.

Candy-Core Pink and Silver Egirl Hair
source: evaavioletttt

This candy-core hair looks super flashy with pink and silver foil extensions , blown out bangs, and a black headband! Lot’s of sparkle fun within the hot pink, yellow, and green hair.

Light Strawberry and Blond White Egirl Hairstyle
source: djerq

Add a pop of light strawberry pink hair dye to your blond white hair, and create an inch side part to add a bit of subtle color!

3B Hair Curls Half Colour Egirl
source: jilsuri

Embrace your 3B hair curls with half dark brown and the other half a fun blond color. Use the curly girl method to keep those locks healthy and lush!

Reverse Ombre Egirl Hairstyle
source: ilost.unicorn

Do the reverse ombre hair style by using a lighter silver color at the top and fade into a beautiful dark brown.

Rogue from X-Men Egirl Fade
source: candyasmus

Bring out your inner Rogue from X-men by cutting small blond bangs, fading the side tips red and dying the rest of the hair amber brown! Don’t forget to finish the look with loose curls.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize your E-Girl hairstyle with cute butterfly clips, scrunchies, or headbands to add the perfect finishing touch to your look. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination.

Products to Achieve Your Perfect E-Girl Hairstyle

To craft your ideal E-Girl hairstyle, certain key products will be indispensable. Clip-in hair extensions are perfect for adding instant length and color to your hair, allowing you to experiment with different shades and styles without the commitment of permanent dye.

Temporary hair dye is another fantastic option for achieving the E-Girl look. Available in a wide range of colors, temporary hair dye allows you to play with various shades and wash them out when you’re ready for a change. If you prefer a more versatile solution, wigs are an excellent choice for embracing the E-Girl trend, offering endless possibilities for color, length, and style.

Whether you opt for clip-in extensions, temporary hair dye, or wigs, these products provide an easy and effective way to transform your hair and achieve the perfect E-Girl hairstyle.

Tips for Maintaining and Styling E-Girl Hair

Maintaining the freshness and vibrancy of your E-Girl hair necessitates the use of color-safe shampoos and conditioners such as Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner, specifically formulated to safeguard and preserve colored hair. These products will help preserve your hair color and ensure your E-Girl style remains stunning for longer.

Heat protection sprays are another must-have product for maintaining your E-Girl hair, as they protect your hair from heat damage caused by styling tools such as curling irons and flat irons. Always apply a heat protection spray before using any heat styling tools to keep your hair healthy and prevent color fading.

Don’t forget to add some fun to your E-Girl hairstyle by experimenting with different accessories. Some ideas include:

  • Vibrant butterfly clips
  • Headbands
  • Scrunchies
  • Hair pins
  • Hair bows

These accessories can help you create unique and exciting looks, allowing you to fully embrace the E-Girl aesthetic!

E-Girl Hair for Different Hair Types

E-Girl hairstyles transcend specific hair types or textures, making them a fit for all, whether your hair is curly, straight, or wavy. With various styles and colors available, you can find an E-Girl hairstyle that complements your natural hair type and enhances your overall look.

No matter your hair type, length, or texture, there’s an E-Girl hairstyle that will work for you. So, get inspired, get creative, and embrace the exciting world of E-Girl hair!

E-Girl Hair on Celebrities

Billie Ellish Egirl Hairstyle
Nicole Richie Egirl Hairstyle
Maise Williams Egirl Hairstyle
Egirl Hairstyle Hayley Williams
Egirl Hairstyle Doja Cat

Numerous celebrities have adopted the E-Girl hair trend, flaunting their audacious and colorful hairstyles on social media and red carpets. Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, and Doja Cat are just a few of the stars who have been inspired by the E-Girl hair movement, with each one rocking vibrant green highlights and daring fringe cuts.

The public and media have been overwhelmingly positive about celebrities’ E-Girl hairstyles, with these styles quickly becoming popular trends and widely embraced by fans and fashionistas alike. So, join the ranks of these style icons and make a statement with your own E-Girl hairstyle!


E-Girl hairstyles is just the start to paving your way to expressing your individuality and make a statement with your hair.

With a fascinating look; a variety of styles and colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless for customization! In short, there’s an E-Girl hairstyle for everyone!


What is the egirl haircut style?

The e-girl look features chunky face framing highlights, contrasting hair colors, fun accessories and goth and emo-inspired cuts and colors, such as shag cuts with sharp eye-level bangs. It is an eclectic mix of 2010s fashion and indie subcultures that is always changing, creating a unique aesthetic.

What are Gen Z hairstyles?

Gen Z are embracing their natural hair texture and styles like the curly fringe, shag, and textured crop have become popular. Natural hair is being grown to longer lengths and enhanced with products that bring out its beauty.

What are 2000 hairstyles?

The Y2K era was all about quirky space buns, short front pieces, fun pigtails, and tons of hair clip accessories. Update your look with a modern take of some of the most popular and trendy styles from the past.

What are some essential products for achieving E-Girl hair?

Clip-in hair extensions, temporary hair dye, cute hair clips, and wigs are must-haves for creating the perfect E-Girl look!

How can I maintain and style my E-Girl hair?

Keep your E-Girl hair healthy and stylish by using color-safe shampoo, conditioner, and heat protection spray. Accessorize to create unique looks that make you feel confident and beautiful.