9 Egirl Eyeliner Styles and How to do Them

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Today I’m going to show you a breakdown of the best Egirl eyeliner makeup techniques.

As a 12-year experienced makeup artist, the most common lesson I teach is how to create eyeliner.

So if you want to feel confident and learn new skills, then you’ll love the step-by-step instructions in this guide!

If you want a more general view of what Egirl makeup is, check out our Ultimate Egirl Makeup Guide.

Let’s do it.


Thick, Low and Winged.

Egirl makeup with thick low winged eyeliner - ghostluvver
source: ghostluvver

Difficulty: Intermediate

There’s something about a thick, low winged liquid eyeliner that just looks super fun and flirty. It’s the perfect makeup look for an evening out and it also elongates the eyes to make them look longer. Plus, it’s relatively easy to achieve with a little practice.

Simply use a small brush to apply the liner close to the base of your lashes, then wing it outwards at the desired angle. Start with a thin line and build it up until you achieve the desired thickness.

  • Start by creating a thin, equal line on both sides of the eyelid with liquid eyeliner
  • At the ends of the eyes, stop the line where the lower eyelid finishes
  • Curve the Wing tail straight and long
  • While still wet, use your nail to get a long, sharp point
  • Arch the top liner a bit at a time until the desired thickness is made
  • Join this line with the wing
  • Create the inner eye tip by the tear duct using the end of the liquid liner
  • Make a straight, tiny, thin triangle shape

Glamorous Pokka Dots.

Egirl polka dot eyeliner - esmemga
source: esmemga

Difficulty: Advanced

Many people consider polka dots to be timeless. For this makeup, the dots are perfectly symmetric and make the eyes look fun and edgy! The bold eyeliner wings help to elongate the eyes and have a dramatic feel when done correctly.

This eyeliner is also very versatile and can be worn without the dots. Whether you’re looking for a more playful look or something that shows off your makeup skills, then this style is definitely worth trying.

  • Start halfway on the upper lash line for the start of the winged eyeliner
  • Draw the wing line in a 15-degree angle
  • Have the wing tip go out just a bit past your eyebrow length
  • Fill in the wing
  • For the dots, draw a tiny dot in circular motions with your applicator near your wing eyeliner starting at your tear ducts. Use a ruler to make even dots evenly spaced around the brow bone.
  • Go back starting from the smallest dot and gradually make them bigger until the last one at the end of the eyes
  • To make it easier, make sure to do one at a time, one then the other on the opposite eye so that they are made evenly
  • As the dots go towards the tail end of the eyebrow, make each one a bit bigger
  • Then draw hollow triangle shapes on the lower lash line to mimic the look of bigger lower eyelashes

Twinning Hearts with Thin Wings.

Egirl makeup wing eyeliner and hearts - erisjbeauty
source: erisjbeauty

Difficulty: Beginner

This cute heart eyeliner shape on the cheeks is the perfect way to make a trendy statement! The two hearts are playful and feminine, plus the long thin wings add a touch of drama.

For the placement of the heart “stamps”: place them both under where the eyes end, about 1 and a half centimeters from the lash line.

  • Draw a thin line of liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line
  • Taper the end of the wing by the temple and fill in the “>”
  • Use the tip of the liner applicator to draw the hearts on the upper cheek bones, under the eyes

Anime Cat Eyes.

Egirl makeup with anime cat eyes - samkat__
source: samkat__

Difficulty: Beginner

One of the most iconic features of anime characters is their big, bright eyes. If you’re looking to make your eyes look more open and gorgeously hypnotic, then there are a few things you can do.

White eyeliner is an important element to use in the waterline to make the eyes appear wider. In addition, thick, cat-like winged eyeliner is created on the top eyelid with drawn on faux lower lash lines.

This creates the illusion of larger eyes and gives you a more expressive gaze. While it may take some time to learn, practice makes perfect!

  • Use a white pencil eyeliner in the waterline
  • Draw a thick line of liquid eyeliner on both eyes on the upper lash line
  • Make the wing level at a 0-degree angle from where the eye ends
  • Then create longer bottom eye lashes by drawing 8-9 lash lines on the bottom lash line

Curved Wings with Inner Corner Beak.

Egirl makeup with curved wing eyeliner - eve.frsr
source: eve.frsr

Difficulty: Intermediate

The placement of where you start the upper line on the top eyelid makes a huge difference on the overall shape of the eyes. The gap that is left from the start of the liner to where the tear ducts draw more attention to the side of the eye, which further lifts the outer corners.

A thin, curved wing stretches the eyes upwards, while the inner corners have a bird like “beak” shape to make the eyes wider. The technique is super flattering and sophisticated.

  • Leave a quarter of the upper lash line gap before drawing a thin line with liquid eyeliner on both eyelids
  • At the end of the eyes, curve slightly the end line to the tip
  • Then make a “>” shape by connecting the tip downwards to the bottom lash lin
  • Fill in the “>”
  • Next, use the end of the liquid eyeliner applicator to make a small triangle “beak” starting at the top of the tear duct and connecting to the bottom of the tear duct.

Adorable, High Wing with Inner Corner Tip.

Egirl makeup with high wing and inner corner tip - pine.tato
source: pine.tato

Difficulty: Beginner

If you ever wanted to make your eyes look like a Disney character, but with an everyday feel then this shape is for you! It mimics a doll-like shape with the eyeliner in the inner corners that have a pointed shape and makes your eyes look naturally bigger.

This awakening and versatile high pointed wing can be drawn at different heights be fitted for your eyelid crease too!

  • In the inner corners of the eyes, draw tiny 3mm triangles with liquid eyeliner
  • Then draw a thin line on the upper lash line eyelid
  • Use a 5-degree angle, halfway on the upper eyelid to start drawing the beginning of the wings
  • Make a short yet high wing by lifting the eyeliner off the eyes where the height of the crease fold stops
  • Then use more liquid eyeliner to fill in the “>”

White, Silver Eyeliner with Low Wings and Smuged Liner.

Egirl White, Silver Eyeliner with Low Wings and Smuged Liner - milkgore
source: milkgore

Difficulty: Intermediate

A well-executed, contrasted liner look is key to creating this killer makeup. Not only does she inspire us to rock out the white and silver pencil eyeliners, but the placement of the silver with a smudged lower liner is a great way to add a touch of glam to your look without overdoing it.

The silver liner will help to make your eyes pop, while the low wings will give your face a sultrier vibe. So go ahead and practice at night so that if you make mistakes then you can take it right off without any pressure!

  • Use a white eyeliner pencil in the waterline and around the tear ducts
  • Then use a silver eyeliner pencil on top of the white eyeliner to pop!
  • Draw just the wing on the ends of the eyes with liquid eyeliner at a 0-degree angle
  • Connect the bottom of the wing to the lower lash line leaving a quarter gap in the inner eye area
  • Smudge the lower lash line with black eyeshadow
  • Then draw 5 thin lines on the lower lash line to mimic longer lower lashes
  • Finish it off by drawing a tiny line in the inner corner tear duct on top of the silver liner

Adorable Akira Fudo Anime.

Egirl adorable Akira fudo anime eyeliner - keeahwah
source: keeahwah

Difficulty: Intermediate

Wearable jester shaped wings and triangles is a fun, bold way to wear liquid liner! The main features of this style are to make the wing tail thin and curved, while having the end of the lower lash line with a gorgeous triangle edge. It is both dramatic and expressive.

Make sure to bring the eyeliner down in the inner eye corners to give the full effect.

  • Start by creating the inner corner “nose”. Draw a 2mm straight line under the tear duct and above the tear duct
  • Connect the upper tear duct line and draw a thick line across the upper eyelid lash line
  • To make the “Fish Tail”, go out from the eyes about 1 and a half cm’s with liquid eyeliner
  • Then draw a sharp curve up towards the eyebrow end tail
  • Connect the tip of the wing downwards with the end of the top eyeliner line
  • At the end of the 1 and a half cm’s, draw a “>” shape downwards then connect it to the lower lash line
  • Make a mini version of this with the same swooping angle
  • Then join the “>” line to the lower lash line. You should be halfway on the eyes.
  • Fill all the empty gaps with your liner

Long, Subtle, Kitty-like Batwing.

Egirl Long, Subtle, Kitty-like Batwing - v31141
source: v31141

Difficulty: Intermediate

This style of eyeliner is perfect for those who want a dramatic, yet defined look. The thin crease line creates a gentle cat-eye, while the large wing point adds drama and impact. For an extra touch of kitty-like cuteness, add four lower eyeliner lines to complete the look.

  • Make a thin eyeliner line on the upper eyelid by the lash line with liquid eyeliner all the way to the inner corner of the eyes
  • Wrap around the eyeliner around the tear duct and make a small point at the tip
  • At the opposite end of the eyes, draw a clean line at a 5-degree angle all the way out stopping where the eyebrow tails end
  • Then make a slightly curved line from the tip of the line towards the center of the eyelid in the crease fold
  • Make a “C” shape from that line and connect it to the first line
  • Join this line with the wing
  • Use the liquid eyeliner to fill in the gaps and then you’re done!

I hope that this guide showed you how to create beautiful Egirl eyeliner.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

What eyeliner shape was your favorite?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.