How to do Egirl Makeup: Ultimate Guide (Tips & Tricks)

What Exactly is an Egirl?

An Egirl is short for Electronic Girl who are avid internet users that typically use platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok. This trend started in 2010 and resembles Tumblr girl looks. Many Egirls are passionate about digital content, anime, manga, and the gaming industry/culture.

With this strong attachment, over time it has evolved into a subculture of bold, edgy, and kawaii cute styles; pretty much anything that has a slight emo, punk, cosplay, or anime inspired feel.

Fictional characters such as Ramona Flowers, Harley Quinn, and Sailor Moon were very influential on the development of where it is now.

Many Egirls dye their hair, have piercings, and love to layer their clothing similar to Japanese street wear and K-pop fashion.

Kayla Marci of Edited described Egirl as an evolution of emo, scene, mall goth, and influenced by Asian fashion. She referred to Avril Lavigne as the original start to what we now know is the current Egirl. (Wikipedia). This now ranges all the way from Billie Eilish’s grunge, cyberpunk aesthetic to Belle Delphine’s babydoll, sugar cake style.

Billie Elish posing in front of music awards.
source: GettyImages

Beauty wise – the makeup application usually involves a well framed eye, bold lashes, statement eyes or face makeup, dramatic eyeliner, lots of blush, curved lips, and faux freckles.

The overall vibe? A body-positive, self expressive, powerful edginess. It’s that “idgaf” attitude that won’t be phased by society’s expectations, which has easily made this trend transform into the real-life beauty look we know and love today!

Why Try Egirl Aesthetic?

Integrating a new fashion style, trying new makeup techniques, or wearing new hair looks is a great way to boost your confidence and show how creative you can be! By being your own version of an Egirl, you can express yourself in a unique and authentic way.

One reason that I fell in love with this look is the way that it flattered features of my face that I didn’t even know I liked! It actually makes your face look youthful, makes your eyes look bigger, and keeps your skin feeling lifted.

If you’re thinking of becoming an Egirl, here are some useful tips:

  1. Invest in some fun wigs that change up your style and a colour that you would love to try! They are not permanent which allows you to freely express yourself and not commit long term.
  2. Break out of your comfort zone and increase your confidence. Trying new products, techniques, and outfits can be scary. Yet as the saying goes: “Don’t knock it until you try it!”. So, let loose and have fun!
  3. Take photos or videos of yourself. I know this may be hard to do if you are not already in the habit of doing this for yourself, but it is a great way to love yourself and show the world your adventurous spirit! You may even notice that you want to start a YouTube channel, Tiktok page, or even create a Twitch persona.

Egirl Inspiration and Ideas

Doja Cat egirl inspiration
source: Dojacat
Beasteater egirl inspiration picture
source: Beasteater

Start off by researching and creating your niche, keep a look out for what inspires you and what resonates with who you are. Does Japanese or Korean fashion influence you? What kind of personality and feeling would you like to embody?

One of the best places to begin and find this information is 31 Egirl Inspiration Looks To Try, here you can find multiple gorgeous beauty looks that will help you start your journey.

The Top Five Makeup Variations

Here are the 5 main makeup looks that Egirls usually wear. These are in no means something you have to follow to a “T”, but use this as inspiration and a guideline to help you find the features that you like and want to try!


Original Egirl Makeup

Misaki_tl original egirl makeup look with berret
source: misaki_tl

Get the Makeup Look

  • Overdrawn lips
  • Cheek symbols: dots, heart exclamations, hearts
  • Faux freckles: brown, white, and heart freckles
  • Winged black liquid eyeliner
  • Long or false eyelashes
  • Drawn bottom eyelashes
  • Nose and optional cheek highlight
  • Cheek and nose blush
  • Coloured contacts
  • Wings or coloured hair
  • Optional bright coloured eyeshadow
  • Matte foundation
Original Egirl Fashion Style
Original Egirl Fashion Style with Hello Kitty

How to Dress Like an Egirl

  • Use plaid or stripe patterns
  • Layer long sleeve shirts under oversized graphic shirts
  • Shirts tucked in a pleated skirt or high waisted pants
  • Chains and double grommet belts
  • Use fish nets as stockings or arms accessories
  • Chokers and fun gothic earrings or necklaces
  • Black chunky boots
  • Oversized sweaters
  • Dark hair, dyed colour highlights, half and half coloured hair

Softgirl Makeup

Soft egirl Softgirl makeup with eve.frsr
source: eve.frsr

Softgirl Egirl is one of my favorite styles. It’s edgy but still wearable for most occasions. For a deep dive into what makes a Softgirl look stand out, I wrote an Ultimate Softgirl Makeup Tutorial.

Get the Makeup Look

  • Full, Long Eyelashes
  • Little to no eyeshadow
  • Optional winged eyeliner
  • Little to no mascara on the bottom eyelashes
  • No eyeliner in the waterline
  • Naturally defined and filled eyebrows
  • Flawless matte foundation
  • Little to no highlighter on the upper cheekbones
  • Lots of blended blush
  • Tightline the waterline
  • Pink lips
Softgirl Egirl Fashion Style
Softgirl Egirl Fashion Style with Blue Sweater

How to Dress Like an Softgirl

  • Cute pastel colours for tops, hair, barrettes, shoes, and accessories
  • Patterned, white, light coloured, plaid skirts
  • Buttoned up light coloured cardigans
  • Berets or bucket hats
  • Japanese character themes accessories or clothes
  • Light jean coloured pants, overalls, or skirts
  • Pink or cute jeweled nails
  • Purses or small backpacks
  • For shoes, literally anything that has cute colours
  • Colourful jewelery
  • Butterfly hair clips

Grunge/Goth/Emo Egirl Makeup

Grunge Goth Emo Egirl Makeup
source: black.evildevil

Get the Makeup Look

  • Liquid Eyeliner, winged, double winged, smudged on the lower lash line, or used as graphic liner
  • Symbols under the eyes as long lines, stars, dots, hearts or crosses
  • Optional smudging of eyeliner to look like you cried
  • Optional long, fake eyelashes
  • White or silver eyeliner in the inner corners or waterline
  • Red, pink, burgundy, black, or nude lipstick
  • Big, overdrawn cupids bow lips
  • Dramatic nose and/or cheek blush
  • Optional faux freckles
Grunge Emo Egirl Fashion Style
Grunge Emo Egirl Fashion Style with Ripped Tights

How to Dress Like an Softgirl

  • Dark or coloured hair
  • Half or low ponytails
  • Fun piercings
  • Long, dark fake nails
  • Knee high socks or black stockings
  • Chuck taylors or black chunky shoes
  • Dark coloured jeans, skirts, or pants
  • Belts, chains, or layered silver necklaces
  • Dark or black sweaters, t-shirts, or long sleeve shirts
  • Layering long striped sleeve shirts with graphic t-shirts

Natural Egirl

Natural Egirl Makeup
source: candyasmus

Get the Makeup Look

  • Big eyelashes
  • Optional winged eyeliner
  • No bottom eyeliner or eye makeup
  • Naturally defined eyebrows
  • Optional Faux freckles
  • Peach, pink, or coral lips
  • Pink or red blush on the cheeks and nose
  • Nose highlighter
Natural Egirl Fashion Style
Natural Egirl Fashion Style with Mini Skirt

How to Dress Like an Natural Egirl

  • Neutral colours with black or just black
  • More casual tops mixed with black pants or skirts
  • Sneakers, platforms, or boots
  • Curly hair with ponytails or buns
  • Natural coloured wigs
  • Minimal accessories

Kawaii Girl

Kawaii Egirl Makeup

Get the Makeup Look

  • Cute bandaids on the nose or eyeliner lines
  • White liquid liner heart “freckles” or blushing lines
  • Under eye, cheek and nose blush
  • Pink, cherry, or red lips
  • Highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes, nose and cheeks
  • Bottom fake eyelashes
  • Pink or red eyeshadow
  • Aegyo sal eye bags with brown eyeshadow
  • Straight eyebrows
Kawaii Egirl Fashion Style
Kawaii Egirl Fashion Style with Colorful Outfit

How to Dress Like an Kawaii Egirl

  • Anime, manga, or Japanese inspired dresses, shirts, masks, and skirts
  • Pastels, pink, blue mixed with white or black
  • Bows, Ribbons, cute ear headbands, barrettes
  • K-pop inspired bangs
  • Cute pink gaming headsets
  • Space buns, braids, pig tails
  • Cute sneakers with pink or print
  • Collars, lace, black, or pink

Now if that doesn’t inspire you, there are other Egirl makeup themes that are also super popular.

More Egirl Styles

Peachy Cute

Peachy Cute Egirl Makeup
source: eve.frsr

Peach tones are an easy way to get a light, day look without going to extreme in colour. Add accents of accessories, liner symbols on the cheeks, and thick winged eyeliner to embrace all there is to be an Egirl!

Fresh & Adorable

Fresh & Adorable
source: candyasmus

When you are going “Fresh”, you’re essentially applying little to no coloured products and more neutral shades on the face. Get the “Adorable” factor by applying the long eyelashes, thick freckles, and pouty coral lips.

Glam E Lady

Glam Egirl Lady
source: kennedyclairewalsh

This is a more elevated Egirl. Polished. Muted. And Sultry; is what the theme portrays. It is a perfect way to get into the Egirl world if you are in your 30’s plus and want to look natural as well. Use the same blush on your nose and cheeks as the eyes. Over-draw your lips and use a bright, soft pink for your lipstick.

Seeing Double

Egirl look with different shades of pink eyeshadow and lipstick
source: _urbanunicorn

The use of two eyeshadows, one for each eye makes for a really fun way to express colour! Think of complimentary colours that will pair up well visually side by side. Add a similar lip colour tone or a neutral pink to finish the face.

Now this makes the perfect segue way into our next theme…

Modern Jester

Egirl Jester Style
source: ksenkanesesh2.0

Usually, the Egirl Jester look leans a bit more cosplay or goth. The inspiration comes from the fun, playful look of Harley Quinn or a haunting/spooky feeling. Smudge out black liner on the bottom of the eyes or go more playful like this photo using colours and coloured contacts!

Cosplay Take

Egirl Cosplay Harley Quinn Style
source: ilost.unicorn

I had to show these two beautiful variations of taking Egirl to a cosplay inspired next level. The best thing? Making it your own. Whether it is a more natural version of Margot Robbie’s version of Harley, or your love for anime like Juuzou Suzuya, there is a spin off that I know you’ll like and want to try!

Complex Wings

Egirl with wing liner and styled eyebrow
source: yuprntae

Now this will take a big of practice, but what in life doesn’t? Creating intricate, graphic wings can be the heart of your Egirl look. Add the signature rosy cheeks and nose blush, faux freckles, and over drawn lips.

Important Egirl Features

Heavy, Bold or Stylistic Eyeliner

Egirl bold and stylistic eyeliner
source: virtualxdollx

Eyegirl Eyeliner is one of the most impactful thing you can learn or take away for other makeup styles.

Fake Eyelashes

Egirl Fake Eyelashes
source: lena_kitsune

Faux Freckles

Egirl Faux Freckles
source: annfigma

Cheek Stamp, Drawn Hearts, Stars, Dots or Other Symbols

Egirl Makeup with Hearts and Symbols
source: rottenpeachcorpse

Rosy Blush

Egirl Rosy Blush
source: rottenpeachcorpse

Dramatic Highlights or Half Dyed Hair

Red and Black dyed hair
source: zaperwave

Coloured Hair or Wigs

Coloured Hair or Wigs
source: perfiosa

Soft or Bold Lip Colour

Egirl soft and bold lip colour
source: maggielivings

Blurred or Rounded Cupids Bow Lips

Blurred or Rounded Cupids Bow Lips
source: grungegirlys

Chokers, Chains and Buckle Belts

Chokers, Chains and Buckle Belts
source: ladylxck

Pastels, Neon Mixed with Black

Blue pastel shirt
source: sugoimeg

Plaid, Stripes, Patterns

Grey dress with two belts
source: deadinblue_

Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-Shirts Deathnote Punk
source: princexxyaya

Net Leggings or Sleeves

Egirl plaid skirt with fishnet leggings
source: fxckgth_allen

Chunky Boots

Pink goth metal boots
source: thedollhousebarbie

Band Aids and Face Accessories

Egirl pink blush with bandaid
source: altaltelle

Fun Hair Berets

Egirl with Fun Hair Berets
source: thedollhousebarbie

What Colours Work Best for Egirl Makeup?

Since there are so many different colours used for Egirl makeup, there isn’t a definitive answer when it comes to what colours work best to embody the Egirl life (especially when it is an expression of you!). However, there are main colour components that are seen within the overall look.

Egirl Colour Swatch Examples

How To Pick the Right Colours

The best thing about this look is that the eye shadow application is very minimal. The focus of the eyes is always the “frame”, which is referring to the eyelid eyeliner (usually liquid black with a wing) and big eyelashes.

When you’re looking at your eyeshadow kit, think of the above starting tones and feel free to use that spectrum when choosing your eyeshadow colour. What tone will reflect the mood or feeling you’re trying to convey that day?

If you’re feeling more natural use lighter or brighter tones. If you are feeling bold and daring, go smokey and deep!

Some of my favorite Eyeshadow pallets to use that have the perfect range are:

Here are the colours that I would recommend for dual usage on the cheeks and eyes:

Morphe 35T Sweetest Tea Artistry Palette

Here you have amazing colours to use as a base to clean up the eye and allow the other eyeshadows “pop” on the eyelid. Use Vermeer to highlight the inner corner of the eyes, nose and cheeks.

Then use these colours to shade and define the eyelid:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pallet

Here are the most common colours related to Egirl wardrobe:

Egirl Fashion colour suggestions

How to Create a Classic Egirl Makeup Look

Here is the basic recipe on how to look like an Egirl!! Use this as a template to achieve the ideal version that you want.

  1. Prep & Prime the face and eyes
  2. Apply Foundation
  3. Use Concealer
  4. Apply Optional Eyeshadow
  5. Apply Liquid Winged Eyeliner
  6. Tightline with black pencil eyeliner
  7. Mascara/False Eyelashes
  8. Setting Powder
  9. Blush
  10. Highlighter on the nose bridge and tip
  11. Faux Freckles
  12. Setting Spray

Now you know everything you need to know, all in one place, for you to discover what features, techniques, and styles makes up your Egirl persona!

What look do you want to try? What Egirl styles can you integrate into your makeup routine?

Let me know in the comments below! I would love to know!

Common FAQs about How to Be an Egirl

Q: What Makeup do I Need to be an Egirl?

You need a thin makeup brush for your blush to apply it easily over the cheeks and nose, a colourful eyeshadow palette that you can use for multipurpose cheeks and eyes, a natural eyebrow pencil and brow gel, a natural-matte foundation, setting powder, lip liner and lipstick.

Q: How do I Make Myself Look Like an Egirl?

Wear lots of black and pink on the face and on the body. Use ripped tights or fishnets. Plaid or pleated skirts, doc martens, platform boots, crop tops, graphic t-shirts, layered with stripe long sleeved shirts, and hoodies.

You can also try putting on temporary (or real) tattoos, face piercings, wear winged eyeliner, wear a wig, or dye your hair bright colours.

Q: How Do You Do an Egirl Nose?

There are many ways to do it but the classic look is to apply blush all over one side of the cheek, over the nose, and back to the other cheek. Then apply a lot more on the tip of the nose. If you want to define the nose sides, use a thinner brush along the sides with the same blush colour. Apply a shimmery highlighter on the tip and bridge to lift up the nose!

Q: How Do You Do Egirl Bottom Lashes?

Use a fine pointed liquid black eyeliner to draw lines on the bottom lash line. These lines can vary from thin little lash lines, to bolder upside-down triangle shapes to be a bit more dramatic.

Q: How do you do Egirl Eyeliner?

First start off with even, thin eyeliner lines on the top eyelids closest to the lash line. Once they are even wing them out buy applying the liner half way on the original line, then angling the brush higher while going out to wards the temple. Stop where you want the wing tip to end, then join the line towards the end of the eye. Fill in the “>” shape and voila! You got a thick, big winged eyeliner!

Q: What Does Egirl Stand For?

E-Girl is an abbreviation for “electronic girl.” An E-Girl is a girl who can be into the electronic music scene, Twitch, cosplay, and social media. She may dress in alternative fashion, listen to Billie Eilish or take lots of cute photos. E-Girls are often considered to be adorable and trendsetters.