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Flawless Makeup for Glasses: Tips to Enhance Your Eyes Behind the Lenses

Wondering how to apply makeup for glasses without your makeup rubbing off or hitting your lenses?

Wearing makeup all day while being able to see 20/20 can be a pain, but with this easy to read makeup guide, you’ll be able to wear your frames confidently while looking your absolute best!

Here are our pro tips to elevate your glasses-friendly makeup game.

Key Takeaways

  • The frames you choose can dramatically affect your makeup look; select a pair that complements and harmonizes with your facial features, skin tone, lash length, and makeup style.

  • To avoid makeup smudges on your glasses and conceal red marks, use a mattifying foundation, apply concealer sparingly, and set your look with setting powder and spray.

  • Maximize your eyewear with eye makeup techniques tailored to glasses wearers, including neutral eyeshadows, well-defined or graphic eyeliner, sculpted brows, and smudge-proof mascara for beautiful eyes behind lenses.

Selecting the Perfect Frames to Complement Your Makeup

Beauty Blogger Smiling for Camera Makeup Glasses

Even with your makeup perfectly done, something may feel annoying or off. Could it be your glasses?

The type of frames you choose can have a significant effect on your overall makeup look. The right pair can accentuate your features, have enough space for your long lashes, complement your fashion style, and even make your makeup stand out in a good way! The goal is to find a pair that complements your unique features.

This may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! You’ll be able to find the right frames.

So, whether you’re a makeup beginner or a seasoned professional, prepare to discover some superb makeup tips for us who wear glasses!

Frame Shape and Your Facial Features

When it comes to glasses, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Just as you contour and highlight to enhance your facial features, your glasses frames can either accentuate or soften certain features. So, how do you know which frames will complement your makeup look? Well, it’s all about balance and contrast.

Let’s start with the basics. You should consider frames that contrast the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a round face, square or rectangular frames can add definition and balance your features. Similarly, oval or round frames can soften the features of a square face.

Keep in mind that your glasses are on your face all day, and similar to when you wear makeup, they should amplify your natural beauty, not overpower it! In fact, glasses tend to be an essential accessory for many people.

Frame Color and Your Skin Tone

Now that we’ve discussed shape, let’s move on to color. Similar to how you select your makeup shades to match your skin tone, your frames’ color should follow suit.

But where to begin? Well, if you have warm skin tones, gold frames can enhance your natural glow. On the other hand, cool skin tones are complemented by silver or platinum frames, creating a stunning look.

What if you love color and want to go for frames with bright shades?

In that case, it’s best to opt for neutral makeup shades like beige and brown. This will balance your look and let your frames take center stage. And for neutral frame colors like clear, black, or brown, go for makeup with any color tones. These neutral makeup colors create a cohesive and balanced aesthetic with your frames.

The Impact of Frame Thickness on Makeup

The next aspect of frame selection we’ll address is thickness. That’s correct! The thickness of your frames can affect your makeup decisions. Bold, thick frames can handle nude, dramatic, and smokey makeup looks. On the other hand, thin frames are better suited for subtle, natural, or soft makeup styles.

You can also opt for bold or bright colors for eyeshadow and lipstick to match the size of the frame presence. But remember, balance is key! If you’re wearing bolder eye makeup, go easy on the blush to avoid an overpowering effect.

Now, if you’re a fan of thin or transparent frames, it’s all about subtlety. Choose a lighter eyeliner and let your natural beauty shine through. Remember, with transparent frames, your makeup will pop even more!

Foundation and Concealer Techniques for Glasses Wearers

 Foundation and Concealer Techniques for Glasses Wearers

Having covered the art of selecting the ideal frames, let’s transition to foundation and concealer techniques. The main challenge here is preventing makeup transfer onto your glasses, avoid glasses from slipping, and concealing those pesky red marks left by them.

When it comes to foundation, less is more.

If you have your glasses constantly slipping and are planning to wear your glasses all day, then SKIP applying any face makeup on the nose bridge where the pads touch the skin! Just make sure to blend the foundation around the empty area so it doesn’t look like you’re missing any makeup spots. An easy fix!

And for those red marks left by glasses, a good concealer is your best friend. Just apply it over the affected area and blend it out gently, and color of the marks are gone! Don’t worry about the indentation imprints on the skin as that will go away in time.

However, merely applying foundation and concealer on the face isn’t enough to avoid transfer or slipping. You need to set them properly to prevent smudging onto your glasses. A good setting powder can do wonders in locking your makeup in place, especially on the areas where your glasses rest.

Preventing Makeup Transfer on Nose Pads

Have you ever spotted frustrating makeup smudges on your glasses’ nose pads?

To prevent makeup transfer onto your nose pads, either avoid applying makeup on that area or just apply loose setting powder directly on the nose pad areas on your glasses!!

This keeps any oil from emerging under the plastic areas where it makes skin contact.

Concealing Red Marks from Glasses

Let’s tackle the pressing issue – those irritating red marks left behind by glasses. No matter how comfortable your glasses are, they can sometimes leave red marks on your nose and the sides of your face. But don’t worry, we’ve got a trick up our sleeve – concealer!

To conceal these red marks, follow these steps:

  1. Start with an eyeshadow primer on the sides of your nose to create a smooth base and prevent oil from appearing.

  2. Apply a very thin layer of concealer over the area and gently blend it out. Remember, less is more! So, apply the concealer sparingly and only on the affected areas.

  3. Set the concealer with a powder to keep it in place and avoid smudging onto your glasses.

Eye Makeup for “Spectacle” Style

Laughing Lady with Makeup Wearing Glasses

Now that we’ve covered foundation and concealer, let’s switch our focus to eyes – the window to our soul!

If you’re a glasses wearer, you probably know the struggle of making your eyes look good behind those lenses, especially if the lenses magnify one or both eyes.

When it comes to eyeshadow, the key is to choose shades that brighten, lift, and open the eyes!

If you have bad dark circles, avoid heavy, smoky eye makeup looks that can create shadows under your glasses. And for eyeliner, the goal is to define the eyes and enhance the lash line. Create a wing or graphic liner, focusing on the outer corners for a wide-eyed effect.

Your brows play a crucial role too. Maintaining a defined, well-groomed brows can frame both your face and glasses, creating a balanced and a sculpted look.

Sounds awesome right? Here are some wonderful photos and examples of makeup looks you can try!


Luxury Statement Eyes

Tom Ford Model Wearing Glasses
source: @tomford

Who can resist a designer, luxe look? Use a blendable gel pencil eyeliner as an eyelid base and in the waterline to create depth. Then use a matte black eyeshadow all over the lids, blend in the crease, and smudge out on the bottom. Keep the lips hydrated with a dewy, glossy lip balm.


Crimson Red Lips

Crimson Red Lips with Thick Glasses
source: @vooglam

Blood red lips with a blue undertone is such a good match with a thicker, dark glasses frames! Make sure you use a waterproof lipliner before and after to create sharp lines and concealer to clean up the edges. Apply mascara top and bottom for full, lifted eyes.


Long Lashes Solution

Thin Glasses with Long Lashes
source: @starseeed_999

Have the problem where your lashes keep hitting the lenses and leaving streak marks? Curling and lifting with a lash curler while wearing glasses that stick out from the nose bridge is key! So, wear wispy fake lashes with defined brows and taupe eyeshadow to complete this stunning look.


Clear and Coral

Red Hair Clear Glasses Coral Cheeks
source: @lucyroseford

Keep your eyes minimal with a hint of mascara so that your coral lips and cheeks can take the spotlight! Clear glasses tend to let color shine through and are the best for monochromatic makeup looks.


Little Wing Persuasion

Asian Makeup with Little Wing
source: @fassionfruitgirl

Top eyelid eyeliner goes a long way when you wear glasses! Use a gel or liquid liner to give your eyes a little lift by winging out the ends. Make sure to add a hint of mascara and top off the look with a rustic peachy lip.


Smokey Eye Aviators

Smokey Eye Aviators with Blonde Hair Thin Glasses
source: @true_cm

When you take a light to dark eyeshadow look and add white eyeliner in your waterline, you get eyes that not only “pop”, but stand out without being too over powering! You’ll also want to define your brows, add liner and mascara, and contour your face.


Prismatic Color

Prismatic Hair with Purple and Blue Accents
source: @vooglam

Your glasses makeup look doesn’t have to be so “vanilla”. Spice things up by adding eyeshadow shades that flows with the colors on your frames! Here, the model is wearing a grape blue eyeliner with white eyeliner in her waterline, mascara, and rose nude lips.


Warm on Warm

Warm on Warm Clean Makeup with Thin Glasses
source: @elleanordaryl_

Have gold frames and warm hair? Keep with the warm theme throughout the brows, face, and lips. Apply a black wing liner on the top lids and use a cream champagne shimmer eyeshadow. Don’t forget the soft neutral glossy lip to keep them looking irresistible!


Bold and Juicy

Thin White Glasses with Bold Juicy Lips
source: @anita_gonzale.z

Now we’re talking, wearing a fun bold frame with your natural skin is beautiful. Apply brow powder, mascara, tightline with black liner, and soften the lips with a shiny lip oil!


E-Girl Freck & Blush

Egirl Freckles and Blush with Black Glasses
source: @xxrosaliee

Keep the focus sharp with a stunning placement of peach blush along the cheek bones and across the nose bridge. Build the pigmentation so that the blush’s boldness goes with the faux freckles! Don’t forget one of the E-girl makeup traits is the nose highlight and long lashes.

Lash Love: Mascara and Curling Tips for Glasses Wearers

Asian Curling Mascara Lashes

Let’s discuss lashes! Whether you prefer natural lashes or enjoy adding drama with falsies, you’re familiar with the challenge of preventing them from touching your glasses. But with the right curling techniques and mascara, you can flaunt voluminous lashes without worrying about lens contact or smudging.

Curling Techniques to Avoid Lens Contact

To curl your lashes upward, follow these pro makeup steps:

  1. Choose the right eyelash curler for your eye shape.

  2. Use a lighter to quickly flicker heat for ONLY a few seconds on the top metal bar just to make it warm to the touch.

  3. At the base of your lashes, press the curler at your lash line, gently squeeze while looking down for a few seconds, then release.

  4. Go outwards half way then repeat. Move your wrist upwards to bend the curler towards your forehead.

  5. Hold this position for a few seconds to achieve a long lasting, upward curl!

This technique will help your lashes from reaching your lenses, giving you a clear vision and a stunning look!

But what if you’re a fan of false lashes or lash extensions? In that case, go for shorter and curlier options. And when getting eyelash extensions, extend the natural lash by only 1 to 2 mm. This gives your lashes plenty of room to move without touching your lenses.

Choosing the Right Mascara

Choosing the right mascara is crucial for glasses wearers. Here are some of our pro tips:

  • Stipple a light dusting of translucent powder with a brush, on your freshly dried mascara before putting on your glasses to avoid oils or mascara formula from streaking onto your glasses!

  • Use non-expired, smudge-proof and transfer-proof mascaras to prevent any smudging or flaking onto your lenses.

  • Some mascaras, like volumizing mascara, are even specifically designed for glasses wearers, such as the caliray Come Hell or High Water Volumizing & Lengthening Tubing Mascara, COVERGIRL Waterproof Mascara, and the Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara.

But it’s not just about choosing the right mascara, the application matters too! Here are some tips for applying mascara while not being able to see:

  1. Use a handheld magnification mirror for precision.

  2. If you get mascara everywhere on your face and lids, let it dry completely. Then use the end tip of a Q-tip to twist off the mascara. It comes right off without making a mess!

  3. Let your mascara dry fully before putting on your glasses.

  4. Try using mascaras with a smaller wand so that it doesn’t hit your eyelid as much.

Lip Service: Balancing Bold Lips with Glasses

Stylish Girl Posing with Glasses

While your glasses highlight your eyes, your lips provide a balance to the overall look and can be the perfect focal point.

So, how do you balance bold lips with glasses? It’s all about coordinating your lip color with your frame color and thickness.

If you love a bold lip, go for colors like red, bright pink, or burgundy. These shades can balance out colorful eyeglass frames and add a pop of color to your look. And if you’re wearing thick frames, bright lip colors can balance out the visual weight of your frames. Just remember, balance is key! So, if you’re going for a bold lip, keep your eye makeup subtle and let your lips take center stage!

Set, Set, and Set

Every polished makeup look requires a finishing touch. When wearing glasses, setting your makeup is essential.

After all, you don’t want your makeup to smudge, transfer, or fade under your glasses, right? So, set your look with a good waterproof setting powder and setting spray.

Make It Last: Touch-Up Tricks for Glasses Makeup

Now that you’re all prepared, let’s discuss touch-ups.

Despite using the best setting products, you may need to touch up your makeup throughout the day or night, particularly when wearing our awesome glasses.

So, what should you include in your touch-up kit for glasses makeup? Your touch-up kit, recommended by me, your trusted makeup artist, should include:

  1. A translucent pressed blot powder to absorb oil and to apply on your glasses nose pads.

  2. A corrector stick or touch up concealer to prevent shadows under your eyes

  3. If you don’t have a purse or want to keep things light, use blotting paper to absorb oil on your nose pads and T-Zone before applying any powders.

Any makeup smudges or fog on your glasses? Simply use a couple drops of eyewear anti-fog glasses cleaner so that you don’t have to worry about going outside or having your lenses too close to your eyes!

And just like that, with these makeup tips for glasses, you’re all set for a gorgeous makeup look as your glasses sit perfectly on your face!


Well, we’ve come a long way from where we started!

Even when you wear magnifying lenses, have a hard time seeing when applying makeup, or are just not too sure what makeup will look good, now you are prepared with all the answers and solutions!

You got this!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makeup is best for glasses wearers?

The best makeup for glasses wearers is anything non-acnegenic, avoiding oil-based or oily products, and opting for long-wearing and cream or powder eyeshadows instead. Always make sure to prime and set all of your makeup to help it last!

What eyeliner is best for glasses?

To enhance the appearance of your eyes while wearing glasses, use a long-wearing yet easy to apply liner so that when you can’t see while applying it, that it’s easy to fix! Coordinate the boldness of your eyeliner with the thickness of your frames and add some nude or white pencil eyeliner on your lower waterline for an eye-opening effect.

How do you make makeup not stick to glasses?

To make your makeup not stick to glasses, use setting powder and setting spray to keep your foundation in place and prevent smudging. Also, apply a thick layer of translucent loose powder right on the nose pads so that it doesn’t move or create oily skin!

How can I make my eyes pop behind my glasses?

To make your eyes pop behind your glasses, use bright, light eyeshadows and focus on creating a winged eyeliner for a subtle yet defined look. Tightline and also apply a white or nude pencil liner in your lower waterline. Make sure to apply a defined, well-groomed brows to frame your face and glasses beautifully!

How can I balance bold lips with glasses?

To balance bold lips with glasses, coordinate your lip color with your frame color and eyeshadow shades. Bright lip colors can counterbalance the visual weight of thick frames. While creating a frames eye with mascara and defined eyeshadow will give the perfect upside-down triangle focal points!