31 Best Egirl Makeup Looks to Try (Inspiration)

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Since the early 2010s, Egirl makeup Looks have been growing in popularity online and in social media. This style is typically associated with bold and edgy looks, often inspired by emo and punk fashion. Egirls can be easily recognized by their brightly colored hair, thrifted clothes, and distinct makeup look.

The Egirl aesthetic is a mix of several different styles, including K-beauty, anime, cosplay, and grunge. They are often seen as a positive force for girl power, as they embrace activities that are typically considered to be outside of the norm for girls while being body-positive, celebrating all types of bodies regardless of size or shape.

While the Egirl aesthetic started out as purely digital, it has gradually become more mainstream in recent years. Their effect can now be found in all corners of the internet, from YouTube and Instagram to Twitch and TikTok. Whether you’re a fan of this aesthetic or you’re just curious about this growing trend, there’s plenty to explore and identify with.

I curated a diverse list of 31 Egirl makeup looks to use for inspiration and to show how versatile it can be! From Billie Eilish’s grunge cyberpunk look to Belle Delphine’s baby doll style, there’s something for everyone. So if you’re feeling cute and edgy today, why not try out one of these Egirl makeup looks?

If you already have a look you’re looking to recreate, check out our Ultimate Egirl Makeup Guide.


Innocent, Elongated Eyes.

Innocent elongated egirl eyes - djerq
source: djerq

Create this stunning innocent look with Eyeliner-winged eyes, full fake lashes, overlined lips, and lots of nose freckles. If you want to achieve a similar effect, you can use circle lenses with wide, liquid winged eyeliner.


Go Peachy Monochrome.

Go Peachy Monochrome egirl Image - feeviun
source: feeviun

Think peachy! Apply a soft matte pink eyeshadow to the eyes and nose, with a light orange tone on the side apples of the cheeks. The lips stand out with a peach coral satin matte lipstick, with a blurred cupids bow. Finally, a champagne highlighter is applied to the nose, a light dose of nose freckles, and liquid wing eyeliner is used to complete the look.


Naturally Exotic and Lifted.

Naturally Exotic and Lifted - beautyulzzang.club
source: beautyulzzang.club

This natural and uplifting look has gorgeous eyes using a slightly smudged dark brown eyeshadow for the wing eyeliner. A brightened eye effect is created in the waterline with nude eye pencil liner, and the lower lash line is defined using the same brown eyeshadow with a flat brush like the 212 MAC definer brush.

Individual lashes are utilized to create various lash lengths to make the eyes look flattering and brow wax is used to compliment the lifting shape of the brows. A cute beauty mark is placed on the bottom right cheekbone. Finally, freckles are lightly dispersed and matte nude lipstick is applied to complete the look.


Cute and Joyful.

Cute and Joyful - monii.bagel
source: monii.bagel

Be adorable with this cute, natural makeup! Start by shading under the eyebags and creating a dramatic, winged eyeliner. The shiny pink lips and small nose contour keep the look slim and feminine, while the light pink blush adds a touch of playfulness.


Neko with Goth.

Neko with Goth - katsumicos
source: katsumicos

This playful and flirty neko girl style has dramatic brown eyeshadow on the top and bottom of the eyes, prominent highlighter on the brow bone to lift the eyebrows, and almond eye shaped fake eyelashes.

A liquid liner is used to draw a small cross on the right upper cheek and a heart on the left, and the blush is placed underneath the cheekbone for elongated depth. A matte warm, deep pink colour is used to finish the look.


Double Winged Eyeliner.

Egirl Double Winged Eyeliner - beautyulzzang.club
source: beautyulzzang.club

This stunning piece is all about the eyes! To achieve the key feature of this look, use a matte pink shadow over the lower eyelid and crease and then apply a burnished amber colour in the crease. Use a liquid liner to trace the inside tear duct before drawing the slim winged eyeliner for the top eyelids.

Using an angled brush, take a red undertone, brown matte eyeshadow and taper the eyeshadow out of the lower lashline. Add highlighter to the inner corner and inner lower lash line. Apply the same pink shadow as blush under the eyes and nose tip. Use the same highlighter for the nose, and to finish, use a coral matte lipstick!


Anime Gamer.

Egirl Anime Gamer - serinideirl
source: serinideirl

Do you love watching anime? Then this is the makeup techniques that you need to try! The coloured contacts and white liquid eyeliner make the eyes stand out, while the black winged liner in the inner tear duct and long lashes make them look bigger. The individual lashes on the bottom add volume and make the eyes look voluminous.

Use a deep, bright pink blush on the cheeks. For the lips, use a glossy, pink lipstick that matches the blush.


Sun Kissed Skin.

Egirl Sun Kissed Skin - abbieeuw
source: abbieeuw

Make this gorgeous looking skin the focus. Emphasized with sun like skin, black eyeliner tightlined on the lashline, mascara with full fake lashes, pink blush under the eyes and on the nose, diamond-shaped faux freckles on the nose, an overdrawn cupid’s bow with blurred lipstick on the lips.

Use a very thin amount of lipgloss applied to the upper lip area to add a luster finish. This look is perfect for summer days spent outdoors!


Rock and Roll Exotic.

Egirl Rock and Roll Exotic - seoh.an
source: seoh.an

This look is all about feeling smart with Egyptian inspired eyes. Create the eye of Horus with black liquid eyeliner for the square-winged eyeliner. The long inner point makes the eyes look long. Then draw a straight line and bring it out past the eyes for a sultry stare. Add some round glasses and low flushed blush in a straight line across the nose tip. Rusty rose lipstick is the perfect finishing touch.


Faux Freckles Everywhere.

Egirl Faux Freckles - mia_lxpez
source: mia_lxpez

If you can’t get enough of those trendy peppered dots on the face, then get a load of these freckles! They cover most of the face, from the bottom of the nose right to the temples. The eyes are lined with straight black eyeliner, with a long winged effect. The lips are glossy and bright, with a berry color.


Heart Exclamation.

Egirl makeup with Heart - visions_of_angels
source: visions_of_angels

The eyes stand out with lavender and purple eyeshadow, heart exclamation marks on the cheeks, liquid wing eyeliner on the top and bottom of the eyes, and a dark, matte burgundy lipstick. Stand out for the night and give your everyday makeup techniques some edge!


Dewy Doll.

Egirl dewy doll makeup - petite.oh
source: petite.oh

Prepare your skin with a face oil and tinted moisturizer for a dewy, wet skin look. Then apply long and short patterned fake lashes on top of a dramatic black winged eyeliner. Overdraw the cupids bow with lip gelee or K-beauty lip tints to perfect this look.


The Big Eyes.

Big egirl eye makeup - kata_sugar_
source: kata_sugar_

Have you ever wanted your eyes to stand out with big, bold eyes? To create this look, start by using double eyelid tape to make a higher crease if you don’t already have one. Then, apply dark eyeshadow in the crease. Next, create a dramatic, bold liquid winged eyeliner on the top and bottom of the eyes.

Finally, add pink blush on the sides of the eyes by the eyeliner wings towards the temples and across the cheeks to the nose. To complete the look, apply a pink sheer cream lipstick.



Egirl grunge makeup - eucarolsoaress
source: eucarolsoaress

The eyeshadow is a hot pink color with black winged eyeliner. There are heart stamps on each side of the cheeks. The lipstick is a rose brown matte color that is overdrawn on the cupids bow and lots of blush in the center of the face and nose.


Batwings That Cut.

Egirl Batwing Makeup - lllo.la_
source: lllo.la_

Make the eyes sharp with batwinged eyeliner that tapers off in the crease! Combined with golden contacts, it creates a striking and unique look. The rest of the makeup has strong contrast, with no eyeshadow and blurred lip line strawberry pink lipstick, with a strip of concealer on the nose bridge for an elongated nose. The clear lipgloss adds a touch of sweetness to the look.


Twitch Streamer.

Twitch streamer egirl makeup - just_mllealice
source: just_mllealice

Use fun dramatic hair, a black-winged liquid liner placed all the way to the inner eye corner with a point, thick bottom eyeliner, bright hot pink blush on the nose tip with a highlight, and rosy glossy pink lipstick. This look is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out and make a statement.


Manga Flushed Cheeks.

Egirl manga flushed cheek makeup - darkxqueen99
source: darkxqueen99

Want cute, manga blush? Then use this for inspiration! The deep, hot pink eyeshadow and extended liquid black eyeliner create a dramatic look that is sure to turn heads. The white kohl pencil on the apples of the cheeks with a heart symbol adds a subtle playful touch, while the smudged pink eyeshadow on the lower lash line makes the eyes pop.

The big false lashes complete this look and gives you the perfect selfie-ready makeup.


Classic Emo.

Classic emo egirl makeup - bunnyblo0d
source: bunnyblo0d

Take a black liquid eyeliner to outline the inner corner tear ducts with a sharp point, diffuse red blush on the cheeks and nose, take the eyeliner to wing it out, fake bold eyelashes, then mimic the lower lashes with little eyeliner triangles.

The best part about this look is the white eyeliner in the waterline and under the tear ducts. Finish it off with faux freckles and an over drawn cherry tone lipstick!


Cyber Kawaii.

Cyber kawaii egirl makeup - egirlinjection
source: egirlinjection

Here is a Kawaii inspired look that includes a bold application with deep hot pink eyeshadow on the eyes, nose tip, and cheeks. The black-winged eyeliner is drawn upwards high by the eyebrow tails and drawn across the crease fold of the eyelid. Pink-red toned lipstick is overdrawn on the cupid’s bow area.


A Natural Flirt.

Natural flirty egirl makeup - nicmarcondes
source: nicmarcondes

This look is all about feeling flirty and fun. Featuring warm bronzer on the eyelids, along the sides of the nose and cheekbones, and neck for a bit of added dimension. The winged black liquid eyeliner really makes the eyes pop, while the peach blush on the sides of the cheeks and lower nose area adds a touch of sweetness. The finishing touch is the strawberry, lightly glossed lipstick which completes the look with a bit of sass.


Dramatic Iconic.

Dramatic eirl iconic makeup - fan.hannah.owo
source: fan.hannah.owo

Be bold and iconic like Hannah who has the most popular Egirl photos on Google images. The thick eyebrows, faux freckles, and big fake lashes help to create a unique and striking look. The baby pink lips and bright pink blush add a touch of femininity, while the black eyeshadow provides a bit of edge.


Anime Nikki Inspired

Anime nikki inspired egirl makeup - mwariduck
source: mwariduck

Create this light cheek, dramatic eyes appearance with thin, separated fake lashes and light pink eyeshadow. There is no eye makeup on the bottom lash area, which keeps the focus on the long, thick black eyeliner. The clean, bright, matte foundation ensures that the look is not too over-the-top, while the glossy coral lips add a touch of fun and playfulness.


Blurred Lips.

Blurred lip egirl makeup with piercings - tatyfeeh_
source: tatyfeeh_

Edgy and alternative, this fun image is created with a deep pink matte lip stain that is blurred along the whole upper lip line, with a black liquid liner heart symbol on the right upper cheekbone. Blue coloured circle lenses add to the aesthetic, while pink eyeshadow is applied to the eyelids, lower lash line, and under the cheekbones.

White pencil eyeliner is used in the waterline, and shimmery white highlighter eyeshadow is applied to the inner tear duct areas. Finally, big long false lashes complete the look.


Hypnotizing Love.

Hypnotizing egirl love makeup - ally.ady_
source: ally.ady_

So fun and mesmerizing! Make your features pop with this bandaid nose accessory, cute concealer hearts in the eyebrows, heart contacts, and double coloured eyeliner with black wings and a hot pink top line. Apply thin, long fake eyelashes with faux freckles on the outer cheekbones.

Fall in love with red blush on the nose tip, under the lower eyelash line, and upper cheekbones. Finish it off with nose highlighter, and a cherry lip gloss with red lipstick.


Brightly Bejeweled.

Brightly bejeweled egirl makeup - abbieeuw
source: abbieeuw

This pretty girl aesthetic is achieved by using wide, subtle dip batwing eyeliner, pink rosy eyeshadow on the top and bottom lid, jewel studs on the middle of the upper and lower lash lines and inner corner. Apply long false lashes, light pink blush on the sides of the nose, satin matte rosy pink lipstick, and a light nose highlight. Try this to achieve a perfect bejeweled look that is subtle and feminine.


Gorgeous Mermaid.

Gorgeous mermaid egirl makeup - rosequartz.fck
source: rosequartz.fck

Make your eyes stand out with coral colours and big mermaid eyes using white kohl pencil eyeliner in the waterline. The outer half of the lower lash line is defined with black liquid liner, while hot pink eyeshadow is used in the crease and lower lash line. Lastly, apply big fake lashes and coral, peach pastel gloss lipstick.


Twinkle Goth Star.

Twinkle goth star egirl makeup - thenavarose
source: thenavarose

Have fun with your makeup by including hot pink and black star shapes underneath the eye area! Add light green contacts, hot pink eyeshadow, and a shading brown eyeshadow under the eyebags to accentuate the puffy under eye area.

Apply black pencil eyeliner in the waterline just in the middle, then use big false eyelashes to make the eyes pop! Finish it off with a deep pink shade of moisturizing lipstick, bronzing powder for bronzed skin and nose contour, and pink blush on the upper cheeks and over the whole nose.


Rich with Gold.

Rich with gold egirl makeup - billieeilish
source: billieeilish

Billie Ellish’s style is all about dewy, luminous skin with a touch of golden luxury. Start off by using a highlighter on your nose and upper lip. Apply a tinted lip balm or gloss for your lips. Add some glitter to your eyelids or cheeks with gold flakes. For the final touch, style your eyebrows up and out with a brow gel.


Bird of Prey.

Bird of prey egirl makeup - dojacat
source: dojacat

Doja Cat’s stunning style features a silver cut crease, 3 long individual lower lashes, and purple and green eyeshadow on top of the crease. Black eyeliner and liquid winged eyeliner make her eyes pop, while her black lip liner and purple lipstick with glitter finish off the look. Tear drop gems on the left undereye add a touch of glamour.


Tiktok Filter.

Tiktok filter style egirl makeup - bellapoarch
source: bellapoarch

Create this famous Tiktok filter look by Bella Poarch with straight penciled eyebrows, brown eyeshadow in the crease, a lower defined outer lash line, and red-pink blush in a straight strip along the cheekbones then across the nose. Make a close cluster of light faux freckles on the same area and use a matte brown lipstick overdrawn on the cupids bow to finish it off!


Out of this World.

Out of this world egirl makeup - nyane
source: nyane

Cotton candy pastel is the theme of this fun appearance. Use a curly wig with large space buns to accentuate the fun colours. Create straight, defined eyebrows, with pastel blue eyeshadow on top of a white base, and pastel purple eyeshadow on lower lashline.

Enhance the eyes with silver glitter on the inner corners, and apply long, wispy fake lashes. Build messy and bold faux freckles randomly in an upside down “Y” on the center of the face, then apply metallic hot pink lipstick and body highlighter.


Out of all these gorgeous and unique makeup looks, I know that there has to be at least ONE photo that inspires you to take out your beauty kit and use it to try something new! The Egirl style is more than just what influences it, it is a source of applying makeup that flatters the face to look more youthful and gives a strong feeling of empowerment. If you ever wanted to feel young, maintain a sense of youth, and enhance the beautiful features that you already have then try to replicate at least one of these techniques or photos!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article! I look forward to providing you with more insight to upgrade your makeup skills and beauty knowledge.