Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush

  • Product Highlights:Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Without Parabens, Without Phthalates.
  • Product Finish: Natural – Buildable
  • Skill Level: Easy/ Experienced/ Expert – Experienced
  • Skin Type: Normal/ Dry/ Combination/ Oily – All Skin Types
  • Colour/Shade Range: Available in 7 Colours
  • Day/Evening/Night: All
  • Price: CAD: $32.00, USD: $24.00

Kaja Beauty Cheek Stamp


I first stumbled onto this line when I was awestruck by it’s eye-catching packaging on a little display strip in Sephora’s The Next Big Thing display unit! As soon as I got home, I couldn’t WAIT to open this adorable packaging and fun applicator. The results? Keep on reading.

Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush – Product Video

The packaging is bigger than what Kaja normally creates (can’t have a “bite-sized” cheek products I guess?). The size is about the width o1920 palm, it’1080ery lightweight and there is a cute heart imprint on the top of the packaging. There are also tiny “reminder” instructions on how to use the blush located on the bottom of the product, along with a small jar with a lid open saying: 12 M. This means that once the product is exposed to air, 12 Months from now the product will be expired (which I find ALWAYS handy).


Use a small sharpie pen to write down the date 12 months from when exposing the packaging to air, that way you can keep your makeup kit sanitary and clean!

The “Heart-shaped” sponge is quite dense, which means it is easy to pick up and lay down possibly too much product on the skin. The cheek liquid sponge located on the bottom has a first time peel off film sticker to keep the liquid fresh and prevent it from leaking during shipping.

Kaja Cheek Stamp Held in Hand

How To Use Kaja Beauty Blendable Blush:

Twist off the top of the lid to reveal the heart sponge applicator. Gently press it into the bottom lid where the liquid cheek formula is located.

Press on the cheek bone and QUICKLY blend with your fingers. This product is buildable, so if you want more pigment on your skin then repeat.

Step 1

Find your “under” cheekbone – Use the side of your fore finger to find the under parts of the cheekbone

Step 2

Apply a little bit of blush product on the end of your middle finger and draw a line an inch and a half from the ear stopping where the eye starts

Step 3

Use your ring finger and middle finger to blend the line upwards in a sweeping motion over the cheek!

Tips And Tricks:

Fact is: we don’t have all the same face shapes. Not everyone is going to want to put a stamp of colour where the apple of the cheek is. Simply put, it isn’t flattering on everyone


Tilt the sponge applicator so you are using the side edge of the heart when pressing it under your cheekbone. Then use your forefinger and middle finger together in an “Upwards” motion to “Wrap” the product around the cheekbone itself.

The result? A smoother more gradient look instead of a traditional doll-like cheek blush!

Kaja Beauty Cheek Closeup

Worth It?

It is super fun and exciting to use. Is it fast to apply in the mornings? Depends on your skill level. Should you try it? It is a great liquid cheek product that looks good on everyone’s skin, so you decide! Life should be more fun when getting ready and that is what Kaja is all about!

Need help purchasing a shade? Contact us and we would love to go on a virtual shopping date to help you find your ideal shade for your face and tone!

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