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Tom Ford Soleil Neige: The Perfect Winter Scent?

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Overall Review: 8.2

Soleil Neige is the bright side of Soleil, a polar expression to Soleil Blanc’s solar floral. Radiant with winter light, the scent mimics the shimmer of sun on snow. -Tom Ford

Have you ever saw a fragrance and wondered if it is worth it for you to purchase?

You’re not alone.

There are so many great scents out there and narrowing it down to just one can be daunting.

How do you know if it you’ll like it? Let alone, love it enough to get your money’s worth?

In this post, I’ll give you the best break down, review, and everything you need to know for one of the fragrance world’s most researched fragrances: Tom Ford’s Soleil Neige Eau De Perfume.

Pros and Cons


  • Wears well for all seasons.
  • Shared fragrance.
  • Uses synthetic musk.
  • Stays on very well.
  • Needs only 1 to 2 sprays.
  • Great daily and evening scent.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Has high quality ingredients.
  • Can be layered
  • Pure Italian glass bottle.
  • Easy to spray.
  • Doesn’t leak.
  • Hard to replicate.


  • It’s expensive.
  • Can be difficult to try on in person.
  • Doesn’t come in EDT or pure perfume.
  • It may be too sweet for some people.
  • Not made in Italy.

Tom Ford Soleil Neige on Snow Side

About TF Soleil Neige EDP

Olfactive Category: MUSK

Tom Ford’s Private Blend Soleil Neige is a Citrus Floral Musk scent that is inspired by a remote holiday from Courchevel (which is a French Alps Resort) to Megeve (which is in southeastern part of France).

Be inspired by the glistening of winter light and the cool temperatures of the sun. Think of a bright, sunny, calm, and beautiful day!

Descriptive Words: Crystalline, Cool, Escapist.

Notes and Ingredients

Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrances are not composed of the traditional Top, Middle, and Base notes. The brand keeps their tier levels a secret and instead provide a list notes that are precious, rare, and inventive. Many of which have never been used in perfumery before.

Soleil Neige Notes: Bergamot Integrale Orpur, Carrot Seed Enriched Orpur, Jasmine Grandiflorum Concrete, Karmaflor Captive, Benzoin Resinoid Laos Orpur, Cistus Labdanum Spain.

TF Soleil Neige Infographic

Testing and Results

Whenever it comes to investing in a luxury fragrance, I think that it’s super important you thoroughly test the scent to make sure it’s something that you love and represents YOU! The testing phase can be hard to navigate through and people usually perform a simple spray test on the skin.

Spraying a couple mists on the skin isn’t a thorough enough to answer for your question: is it worth it?

Here is my in-depth review for TF Soleil Neige EDP. I know that this will help you decide if Soleil Neige is right for you and I hope that it helps when looking to expand your fragrance wardrobe.

A little history about my body’s skin before we begin:

  • Skin Type: Dry to normal
  • How often do you apply body moisturizer? 4x a week
  • Does fragrance smell good on you? My skin is pretty porous and reacts to fragrances well.
  • Sensitivity to smell: Not sensitive and not allergic to any notes


I was very excited to try on Soleil Neige after seeing that many of the ingredient notes such as bergamot works well with my skin’s pH levels. Reading the story also made for high expectations that this fragrance would smell good.

Avoid spraying a fragrance super close and directly splashing the skin when testing a scent. The “puddle” of fragrance won’t dry down properly and you’ll be smelling it while it is trying to dry.

Instead, use the waterfall technique (this is when you spray the fragrance in the air and let it trickle onto the skin). Wait for 30 seconds to smell your skin and you will get an accurate interpretation of how it will react with your skin chemistry!

I first tried it on the inside of my wrist so that I could lift it up close to my nose to smell the fragrance and allow the formula to heat up with my radial pulse area.

After waiting for 30 seconds, I smelled Soleil Neige on my skin and it was not too sweet at all! The musk was a perfect play of a slight masculine feel, while feeling bright and neutral. The fresh citrus notes married well with the warm floral.

When wearing it on my chest and back of my neck for a day, the results were the same! It was delightful and I received a lot of compliments.


Skin – Tom Ford’s Soleil fragrance had a very long wear for my skin. I was pleasantly surprised that the more it dried down, the more elegant and sensual it got. Often, when you wear a fragrance that you like for a while the scent can change in a negative way. This fragrance was like fine red wine, it got better with time.

Clothing – The light citrus notes lingered in my clothes for a few days! I find that most of Tom Ford’s fragrances stay very well on the fibers of the threads and omit a beautiful essence in my closet.

You want to use a minimum of two sprays, even if you are a usual one spritz fragrance wearer. The scent dries down to a very mild level after 3 hours, if you’re planning to be out and about for 5 to 8 hours then two sprays is perfect to last the whole day.

Quality and Packaging


When you purchase an investment fragrance with a luxury brand name like Tom Ford, expectations are high for keeping the standard of quality throughout the product.

Soleil Neige Eau De Parfum did not disappoint! The quality of the perfume is very high and is well made with luxurious ingredients.

Tom Ford Soleil Neige with Lime Vanilla


Outside Packaging. Tom Ford has an exquisite way of oozing luxury quality throughout his whole brand. His classic crisscross, avant-garde box holds the fragrance bottle nice and snug.

There is a sealed plastic wrap that encompasses the outside packaging. I don’t like the fact that there is a plastic around the case because luxury shouldn’t mean that you create a bunch of waste, but I appreciate the unbreakable seal that guarantees that no one can use or touch the fragrance before me (they definitely need to figure out a way to make a compostable alternative).

Fragrance Bottle Material. All of Tom Ford’s fragrance bottles are made with thick Italian glass. This bottle has a solid white exterior with beautiful details on the top of the lid. The metal plate on top has an engraved TF logo and the front side has a silver Soleil Neige sicker on the front. It is simple, pure, and clean looking.

Bottle Cap. The square fragrance lid is a perfect, tight fitted cap that does not come off while traveling and protects the nozzle spray. It goes well with the theme of the Private Blend bottles, inspired from chess pieces!

The Actual Bottle glass and shape. The shape of the Private Blend fragrance bottles that are inspired by chess pieces have the perfect symmetry and balance. The flacons are very flattering and look luxurious.

Spray / Nozzle

The spray is a simple yet powerful blast. It deposits quite a bit of fragrance while dispersing the mist perfectly.

Fun Fact! Tom Ford has won many fragrance awards. After its launch in 2019, Soleil Neige perfume won the 2020 Allure Best Of Beauty Award!

Tom Ford Soleil Neige Water Splash on Ice

Review out of 10

Performance: 9/10

Tom Ford’s Soleil Neige fragrance has been praised for its incredible performance. The scent is light and airy, with notes of bergamot, jasmine and benzoin resinoid that linger on the skin throughout the day. It is a perfect summer scent, but it also works well in cooler months too. Perfect for all year round!

Ingredients: 7/10

The ingredients for the private blend Soleil Neige are sophisticated and luxurious. The brand uses only the finest ingredients, including rare and exotic oils, to create scents that remain true to its high-end image. Tom Ford fragrances also feature unique notes such as Carrot Seed and Cistus Labdanum, giving it an unmistakable brightness and complexity.

Packaging: 9/10

The Soleil Neige perfume stand out with its sleek and sophisticated packaging. From the gorgeous diamond grid-like texture embossed on the box to having the same square label as the physical bottle, each product is carefully packaged to create an inviting and luxurious experience for the consumer. The brand also uses environmentally conscious materials, making it a great choice if you are looking to recycle the packaging. I just wish that the plastic protective wrap was something more sustainable for the environment.

Price: 7/10

Tom Ford’s beauty brand is definitely an investment. Their products are priced at the high-end point in the market, although they are typically worth it given their quality ingredients and formulations. Prices range from moderate to expensive depending on the product, but you can generally expect to pay more for Tom Ford than you would with other beauty brands.

Brand Reputation: 9/10

Tom Ford’s beauty brand is highly regarded for its commitment to quality and luxury. The brand offers a range of luxurious products, from skincare to fragrances, that have made it as a staple in the beauty world. From high-end ingredients like rare and exotic oils, to innovative formulations designed to give you optimal results, Tom Ford truly delivers in luxury expectations most of the time.

Tom Ford Soleil Neige Cloudy

Fragrance Features


The sillage for TF Soleil Neige EDP is strong at first, then dries down to a wonderful moderate smell in the air. You will have a good radius of perfume because the aura is not too little or too much, especially when wearing this fragrance out with lots around people or in an intimate setting.


The response was very positive when wearing Soleil Neige! It wasn’t too strong (I tested the projection using two mists, one in front of my body and one on the back of my neck), and it didn’t overwhelm the people who smelled the scent on me. I received a lot of compliments and personally, a main feature on how I judge a luxury scent is by the reaction that I get from others.

Best Worn

If your skin projects perfume fragrances well then you could wear Soleil Neige in the nighttime. I found that this scent works best during the day or evening based off its notes and the depth it brings.

Even though it the story is based off a winter sun on snow feeling, you can definitely wear this fragrance during the spring, summer, or fall because of its bright bergamot, floral, and musk notes.


Tom Ford’s Private Blend fragrances has a unique styling chart that has the best, tested, layering combinations that his master perfumers have tried, tested, and created! Mr. Ford intended for you to fall in love with his fragrances as a single masterpiece before thinking about the idea of layering and mixing.

Tom Ford How to Layer Soleil Neige

The brand understands the desire to have creative freedom to layer favorite scents to make a “new” one. I’ll explain how to use his unique formula chart to layer his Private Blend scents.

A lot of forums and other websites in regards to layering Tom Ford fragrances were made up and people are just saying what combinations people have liked, where I will teach you exactly how to use his layering techniques properly (I used to work for TF, so I’ll give you ALL the insider information).

When you go into a TF store, they are supposed to keep the Private Blend Collection in a very specific order, ranging (starting from the left side) from the freshest eau fraiche to the deepest of woods (to the far right).

This will help you to understand how to layer Soleil Neige.

To do this properly and the TF way, you want to spray ONE mist of the deeper fragrance (in this case it is White Suede) and TWO mists of the fresher fragrance (Soleil Neige) onto the skin.

How to Layer Soleil Neige

  • Refined: One mist of White Suede and two mists of Soleil Neige.
  • Captivating: One mist of Soleil Blanc and two mists of Soleil Neige.
  • Alluring: One mist of Soleil Brulant and two mists of Soleil Neige.

The science and testing behind this are impeccable, it took years of trying every single combination imaginable to find the best ones that bring out the best in the main pillar fragrance (for this one it’s Soleil Neige).

I hope that this helps you with understanding how to layer Mr. Ford’s amazing fragrances. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to know any other layering combinations that is Tom Ford approved!

Extended Line

Even if you don’t want to commit to purchasing this fragrance, Tom Ford has other pairing products that are inspired from this scent!

If you love Soleil Neige and want to wear the scent with the fraction of the cost, purchase the Shimmering body oil as it has the exact same scent! It is just oil based, a little shimmery on the skin, and you cannot spray it on the clothes.

Tom Ford Dupes

There aren’t many Tom Ford Soleil Neige dupes that fit the bill as far as quality, smell, and wear. BUT there are a few that are close to being similar!

DIVAIN-633is an affordable scent solely inspired by Soleil Neige with notes of labdanum, benzoin, vanilla, rose, jasmine, white flowers, bergamot, and carrot seeds.

Santorini Sunset by Sentir has a similar ingredients list by TF for Soleil Neige. The notes are not the same quality but contains the musk notes that DIVAIN-633 doesn’t have.

Make sure to read the ingredients and the reviews before purchasing any internet recommended dupes! I saw that many forums said that White Sun from ALT was the perfect dupe for Soleil Neige, yet this fragrance was inspired and made to smell like Soleil Blanc which has a completely different set of notes.

The best thing to remember while shopping for dupes is that scents will always smell different on everyone’s skin when using pure essential, high-quality ingredients. When using cheaper, more cost-effective ingredients, fragrances will be quite consistent on peoples skin.

If you want to be unique, investing in higher quality fragrances will be worth it!


What does Tom Ford Soleil Neige smell like?

When I close my eyes, it smells like a sweet, woodsy, lemon, garden mix with a prominent flower floral base. The musk has a smooth creaminess to it with a light earthiness that blends everything together.

How long does Soleil Neige Last?

If you spray 1 mist onto the skin, it lasts me a few hours before wearing off. Two mists lasted for a solid 8 hours. When my nose got used to the smell and I technically couldn’t smell it anymore, I asked people around me and they could smell it perfectly.

Can men wear Soleil Neige?

YES, men can wear Soleil Neige! Depending on your skin’s reaction to the ingredients, you might pull more musk, earthy, floral, or citrus notes. Alone, this scent is a sweeter scent so just be aware of that before purchasing.

How do you say Soleil Neige?

Soleil Neige are French terms. Here is how you want to pronounce Soleil: Saw-ley. For the word Neige: Nayzh. Pronounce it like you were rhyming with the word Beige: Bayzh, then use an N instead of the B.

What are the notes in Soleil Neige?

The notes in Soleil Neige are: Bergamot Integrale Orpur, Carrot Seed Enriched Orpur, Jasmine Grandiflorum Concrete, Karmaflor Captive, Benzoin Resinoid Laos Orpur, Cistus Labdanum Spain.

Who Would I Recommend Soleil Neige?

This fragrance was curated to be a great fit for everyone, yet there is a warmer side to Soleil Neige that might not resonate with every person’s skin.

Soleil Neige is good for people who like a hint of masculine (musk) with more of a fresh, bright appeal. It feels youthful and inviting, with a layer of depth and complexity. If your skin turns sour with citrus notes or too sweet with floral notes, then I would invest in a deeper scent.

Now, if you are going for a sexy, hot, do-me-now smell, then this fragrance is not for you.

Who should be wearing Soleil Neige? People who like a bit of sweetness, perfectly mixed with a sense of perfect flirty seduction.

The best way to discover if a luxurious fragrance is right for you is to understand what fragrance notes resonates with your skin, your mood, and correlate with your ideal lifestyle.

When you have a fragrance like Tom Ford’s Soleil Neige that is versatile for when you can wear it (seasons) and the times of the day, then I would conclude to say that this perfume is a worthy (and addicting) purchase!