Tom Ford – A Luxury Foundation that is WORTH it?

  • Editor’s Rating: 5.0
  • Price Range:
  • Price: $89.00 USD / $110.00 CAD
  • Liquid Formula
  • Medium to Full Buildable Coverage
  • Good for all Skin Types
  • Uses Soft-Focus Microsphere Powders to Blur Imperfections
  • No Sulfates, SLS & SLES

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>Key Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid – To keep the skin hydrated and to maintain the skin’s moisture
  • Soft-focus Microsphere Powder a new technology) – To blur and disperse light for a smoother skin look
  • Active Ingredients – Antioxidants, Vitamin C and E
  • Caffeine – Increase skin’s natural energy

**Free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban.**

Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Foundation Label Closeup

Product Claims:

  • Non-Cakey
  • 10hr long-wearing, colour stays true
  • Non-settling
  • Humidity and sweat resistant
  • Dermatologist tested for all skin types
  • Non-comedogenic


Hydrating. Longwearing. Medium-full Coverage

I used to manage Tom Ford Beauty for many years. When you work there for a long time, you get to know Mr. Ford’s brand in incredible detail. Hence why I put the three descriptive words for the foundation at the beginning, it is an iconic branding trait for TF!

When this product launched back in 2020, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it for two reasons:

  1. He discontinued my favorite and only liquid foundation at the time.
  2. I LOVE Matte foundations without the “cakey”, heavy feeling (this one claims that it wears like second skin).

So why am I writing a review now when it has been in the market for some time? Well…you deserve the truth from a real TF, unbiased expert. Here is an honest review that will have you walking away with more knowledge than you had before!

TF Traceless Soft Matte Foundation – Product Video

The Brand – Tom Ford:

“It is my desire to create the first true luxury brand of the 21st century.” —Tom Ford

Tom Ford has an incredible testimony. After all, in the world of Beauty products it is ALL about the story! (Please do yourself a favor now and Google Tom Ford and click the image tab. I promise that you WILL NOT be disappointed).

In 2004, Mr. Ford left the Gucci Group. After making them billions and saving the company from going under, he created his own brand: Tom Ford.

In 2006, he announced his launch for Tom Ford Beauty and partnered with Estée Lauder Companies Inc. This is one of the few companies that Estee Lauder allowed to continuously involve the founder with product development. His collection consists of cosmetics and fragrances. It is all about modern glamour, seduction, quality, and of course… luxury.

First Impression:

As soon as you HOLD the box, it has a signature crisscross cushion texture with the classic TF Brown and Gold font. All of this screams luxury (I’m a huge sucker, can you tell?). I’m not too big of a fan the fact that the product itself is plastic and not glass, BUT with that comes a nice and light weight bottle. It is made to easily travel with and the clear packaging is great because you can see when you are getting low and need to re-purchase. His classic inspiration of colors based off of Studio 54 continues to flow throughout the look.

Smell: It has a light refreshing scent. If I had to describe it, it would be like if luxurious water had a hint of sweetness!

Texture: Very lightweight and smooth. Super easy to blend.

Quality: Really good and high end.


On the bottom of the package, there is a 24M expiry date symbol! Use a small sharpie pen to write down the date 24 months from when exposing the packaging to air. That way you can keep your makeup kit sanitary and clean!

Traceless Soft Matte Foundation Swatches:

Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Swatch #1
Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Swatch #2
Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Swatch #3

Product Review:

Tom Ford Traceless Matte Foundation Product Shot on Marble
For my skin color I use 4.5 Ivory.

The twist-like pump cap/lid can be confusing for beginners. I remember that people would try to yank the brown top off of the testers and break the packaging. Simply, hold the clear plastic base with one hand and the brown top with the other hand then twist each part the opposite way. Up pops open a pumpable lid (great when traveling).

When you pump the formula out (one pump covers the face perfectly) the foundation is surprisingly wet and liquidy. After testing all methods of application, using a liquid flat paddle foundation brush is definitely the way to go for this runny foundation!

My skin type is combination, so I tried with and without a face primer to see if it would stand up to it’s claim on wear, texture, and look. The face primer I used helped the wear and texture when I was awake from 7am to 11pm. The foundation did hold true to the 10 hour claim on it’s own!

Tom Ford Soft Matte Foundation on Back of Hand

Is Soft Matte Foundation actually color true for 10 hours and resists fading?

The part of my skin that is oily (I have a VERY oily T-Zone), it oxidized. Which means it changed into a deeper colour over time. If your skin is very oily, I recommend to use ALL your oil controlling beauty products to make your skin as matte as possible for this product to work.

The Finished Look: The wear and finish is a actually moisturizing natural matte. It is lightweight, did not crease, and finding a colour match was pretty easy for me. I tested it with and without a powder to set. I noticed that without the powder, it did get shiny in my T-zone. I recommend to set liquid products if possible in the oily areas.

Tom Ford Traceless Matte Foundation Closeup of Dispenser

How to Use:

Press one pump of liquid on the center on the back of your hand. This will keep the runny liquid from trickling down off your hand and provides your Foundation Brush with optimum pick-up control. DO NOT PUMP DIRECTLY ON THE FACE. Warning – it’ll make a huge mess.

There are no rules when it comes to placing liquid foundation on the face, only guidelines! If your skin is pretty flawless, then place and blend the formula in the areas that you need to even out. If you’re going for a coherent skin tone look then remember that wherever you place your brush first, that’s where it will deposit the most amount of product.

Tips and Tricks:

Don’t forget to apply the foundation along the jawline and down by your neck to make sure there is no weird “Ombre” colour effect.

I highly recommend that you use a concealer brush with this foundation to apply a buildable coverage layer on the nook and crannies of the face (under eye, around the brows, nose area, outlining the lips). This will make a HUGE difference in the overall finished look. They say the Devil’s in the details right?

Use powder to set the foundation where your face needs it so that:

  • It does not move
  • Brightens/highlights (or)
  • Controls shine and oil

Is it Worth it?

When it comes to the luxury world, sometimes it is hard to find brands that are always reliable. Then it comes down to the question: should you purchase it?

My skin loved the formula. Even after taking my makeup off, my skin was happy and plush. No irritations or breakouts. I loved the natural matte look it gave me and I had to use so little! Less is more in the World of Tom Ford always!

It is definitely not the Instagram full matte coverage cakey look. While there are 40 shades of the foundation, I knew a couple people who couldn’t find their exact skin tone and/or have super oily skin. With the oily skin, they found it to oxidize and change colour.

If you want a full buildable coverage, natural matte liquid foundation, and your skin type is anything but oily, then this product is worth it! I would absolutely re-purchase this product again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. Please feel free to comment your thoughts below or any other favorite Luxury foundations that are a must try!

Need help purchasing a shade? Contact us and we would love to go on a virtual shopping date to help you find your ideal shade for your face and tone!


Does Tom Ford Foundation Oxidize?

The Traceless Soft Matte Foundation did oxidize and changed into a bit of a deeper colour on my oily skin areas. If you have normal to dry skin it will not oxidize at all.

How to apply Tom Ford Foundation?

The best way to apply Tom Ford’s liquid foundations is to use a flat paddle liquid foundation brush. It perfectly spreads and blends this matte liquid product onto the face. If you use a beauty blender, it soaks up and wastes this valuable foundation WAY to much (especially with how runny this product is) and doesn’t apply it well at all onto the face.

Is Tom Ford makeup Natural?

It is not a natural line, no. It does however sometimes have natural derived ingredients and doesn’t contain sulfates, SLS, SLES, parabens, or formaldehyde ingredients.

Does Tom Ford Foundation have SPF?

Some do, this one does not. Keep in mind, foundation SPF labels show depending on what your country’s beauty regulations are. Sometimes TF has to re-package or re-formulate liquids to meet your countries standards in order to sell it and put in on the shelves.

Is Tom Ford Foundation Non Comedogenic?

YES!! It is completely non-comedogenic and won’t cause clogging in your pores.

Is Matte Foundation Good for Oily Skin?

Yes, having a matte foundation will help to balance the oils of your skin. But again, I recommend that you use a mattifying setting powder to lock in this foundations finish and act like a sponge to your oil that comes out throughout the day.

Is Tom Ford Paraben Free?

YES!! Super exciting right?