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10 Purple Eye Shadow Looks That You Have to Try!

Ever look at your eyeshadow palette and wonder, how on earth do I wear those purple shades?

You know we got you covered!

Purple eye shadow can be intimidating, plus it’s easy to get stuck wearing the same eyeshadow look over and over again.

Here, you’ll find 10 amazing purple makeup looks for you to re-create, wear, and rock with confidence. So, why wait? Let the magical journey begin!

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the bold and stylish look of purple eyeshadow with shades to suit any skin tone!

  • Create your own unique eye makeup looks inspired by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift!

  • Enhance your complexion with the perfect shade for you, from pastel lilacs to deep eggplants!

The Rise of Purple Eyeshadow

Purple Eyeshadow Pallet with Brush Applying Pigment

Many makeup companies, such as MAC Cosmetics, have brought a resurgence in the popularity of purple eyeshadow, thanks to the ‘00s revival and the trend towards cooler tones.

From soft, pastel lilacs to rich, deep eggplants, the purple spectrum offers an array of shades that can be tailored to any occasion, style, or mood with the perfect eyeshadow palette.

To further enhance your experience, social media and beauty influencers have quickly changed the way we view makeup and show the latest trends and products in the world of purple eyeshadow, and even inspire us to wear purple eyeshadow for everyday, soft, bold, and stylish looks.

How to Choose your Purple Eye Look:

Choosing the right shade of purple for your skin tone as well as your desired makeup look is key to staying current, flattering your eye shape, and creating a look that you love.

  • For Snow White, fair complexions, a cool blue-hued periwinkle-like purple can create a dreamy, ethereal look.

  • Olive skin tones can pull off a deep, eggplant hue, creating a striking contrast.

  • For dark skin, deep, vibrant purple can highlight and enhance the skin’s natural undertones, providing a mesmerizing pop of color when you wear purple.

Perfecting Your Purple Base

Blush on Cris Eye Primer Tubes
source: @blushoncris

Starting with a matte, smooth base is a vital step when experimenting with purple eyeshadow.

Creating a clean canvas on the entire lid is essential as purple, a blend of warm red and cool blue, blends easier and shows its true pigmentation with a neutral even background. An eyeshadow primer will help you to make your chosen shade stay vibrant and in place throughout the whole day!

Considering your skin tone is a key factor when selecting the perfect shade of purple. Different shades of purple complement different skin tones, and applying the right shade to the outer corner of the eye can create a stunning effect. To achieve the best beginner look, consider using the “dark to light color gradient” technique. This pro tip involves creating a gradient from dark to light, either from the outside to inside or from the lashes to the cut crease, for a truly eye-catching effect.

10 Stunning Purple Eye Looks

Natasha Racquel Purple Eyeshadow Look
source: @natasha.racquel

We wanted you to have the BEST purple eyeshadow references to help you create beautiful and relevant purple eyeshadow styles, each presenting a unique blend of colors and eye makeup techniques.

Each of the looks will provide a brief description and step-by-step instructions, allowing you to have fun and get excited about this fun shade! Whether you’re a makeup novice or a seasoned pro, these purple eyeshadow looks will get you whipping out your shadow palettes in no time.


Lavender Dream.

Shadaenotadu Lavender Eyeshadow
source: @shadaenotadu

This dreamy look captures the essence of a soft, yet glamorous afternoon, enveloped in a haze of light lavender shades and gems. This look is perfect for those who prefer a subtle, romantic feel in their makeup! To enhance your lashes, consider using a lengthening mascara or fake lashes for an elevated feel.

  1. Start by applying a light shimmery shade of purple like GLOSSIER Lidstar in Lily all over the lid. You can use a brush with a contoured tip for precise application. For fair skin tones, opt for a lighter shade of purple, something less icy to warm up your complexion.

  2. Deepen the edges of the eye with a deeper plum then add a lighter highlight in the inner corners.

  3. Use a cool tone purple pencil eyeliner for the top and bottom lids.

  4. Finish off the makeup with optional gems and lashes!


Royal Plum.

Royal Plum Eyeshadow with Matching Lips
source: @laurenrohrer

Sultry and hot, go out seductively with a regal blend of deep plum hues! These colors create a sophisticated and dramatic eye makeup look which is perfect for those who love to make a bold statement.

Use a high-quality laydown eyeshadow brush to apply the deep plum shades and blend the colors together for a gorgeous transition. Go all the way across the eyelids and lower part of the lash line. Finish with lashes, black pencil eyeliner, and a matching matte lip.

While this look can be a bit daring, the final result is totally worth the effort!


Electric Amethyst.

Loredana Feher Amethyst Eyeshadow Look
source: @loredanafeher

Feeling bold, yet vibrant? Here we are featuring a bright purple with deeper shades that when blended, are sure to make your eyes pop! This look is perfect for those who love to experiment with intense, vibrant colors and are looking for the best going out eyes.

To achieve this look, follow our eye makeup tutorial with these steps:

  1. Start by applying tape on the outer edges of the lids, then use a bright pastel purple shade on your eyelids and blend it outwards toward the crease.

  2. You can use a smaller brush for a more precise application.

  3. For a more intense look, consider using the wet application technique. Wet your brush before applying the eyeshadow. This technique not only helps the color appear more vibrant but also makes the eyeshadow stay longer.

  4. Smoke out the bottom of the eyes then peel off the tape.

  5. Apply lashes and eyeliner to complete and bring everything together!


Soft Mauve Magic.

Soft Mauve Arya Flare Purple Makeup Look
source: @aryaflare

The Soft Mauve Magic look is a subtle and elegant approach to purple eyeshadow, featuring soft mauve tones and a hint of violet shadow. This look is perfect for those who prefer a softer, more understated approach to their makeup. Top off the eyes with a light shimmer like Kaja Eye Bento Rosewater.


Galactic Glow.

Eva Rasoyan Purple Eyeshadow with Black Liner
source: @eva_rasoyan

For a look that is out of this world, consider re-creating this cut crease purple eye! This look features futuristic and shimmering iridescent purple shades that are sure to make your eyes sparkle and glow. Just make sure you apply a sparkle on the center li and create the siren eye makeup with the inner corner wing.


Cute Orchid.

Nyane Purple Eyeshadow Lips and Hair
source: @nyane

Fall in love with pastels with a bright, yet sexy eye look featuring light and dark orchid hues. Blend all over the eye lids a light plum shadow and apply a blue-purple pastel matte shade in the inner corners. Don’t forget to define the eyes with black winged eyeliner and wispy long lashes.


Pastel Cut to Perfection.

Pastel Purple Eyeshadow Look
source: @livhudsonmakeup

The simple dark purple cut crease with a light lavender shade all over the eyes is great for when you want something light yet defined! Brushed are key to the execution of this look, so make sure that you use a sharp yet long liner brush to add depth and a good blending brush to smooth out the pigmented edges.


Fiery Fuchsia Fusion.

Fiery Fuchsia Red Hair with Purple Eyeshadow
source: @helenesjostedt

We just LOVE a full make up eye. Use purple eyeshadow to brighten up the lids with white pencil eyeliner in the waterline and adding a deeper tone of shadow just under the brow bone. This look is perfect for those who want something soft yet beautiful.


Enchanted Eggplant.

Enchanted Eggplant with Shimmer Eyeshadow
source: @ceri.t.mua

You know we always promote a sexy, halo smokey purple eye when we can! The dark-light-dark blend creates the perfect 3D effect to lift the eyes up. Use deep eggplant purple tones on the sides of the eyes and take a brighter purple shimmer pigment, then place it on the center of the eye lids.


Shimmering Grape.

Laviinechifor Purple Eyeshadow Lips and Long Purple Gloves
source: @laviinechifor

Do you want to truly LIFT the eyes up? Keep the bottom of the eyes without any color, and keep the party on top! Use shimmery grape purple all over the top lids and blend out with a deeper warm maroon shade. This look is the perfect glamorous and sparkling approach to purple eyeshadow!

Tools and Techniques for Flawless Application

Purple Makeup Brushes with Pigment Dust

It’s no secret that in order to create a beautiful purple eyeshadow look, you have to use the appropriate tools and techniques!

One of our favorite tips is to use a liquid eyeshadow under your powder shadow. It can offer intense color payoff and stay put for hours on end, keeping your eye makeup looks fresh and vibrant all day. When experimenting with loose eyeshadow pigments, it’s best to start slow and blend tiny amounts of pigment onto your eyes. This can help gauge how much is needed to intensify the color without being too messy.

Using the right eyeshadow brush can make a huge difference in your makeup application.

We highlight recommend using the MAKEUP BY MARIO E 5 Makeup Brush and the Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Stay Vulnerable All – Over Eyeshadow Brush for applying purple eyeshadow or any other pigmented eyeshadow colors.

For a blended smokey effect, start by prepping your eyes with a light-colored eyeshadow base, then apply the purple eyeshadow to your eyelids, focusing on the outer corners and crease. Blend the color towards the center of your eyelids for a seamless, smokey purple eye effect.

Pairing Purple with Other Colors

Purple Eyeshadow Paper Colour Samples

Although purple eyeshadow can easily take all the spotlight, complementing it with other shades can produce a balanced and gorgeous look.

According to color theory, the colors that complement purple on the color wheel are yellow and lavender. But don’t let color theory limit your creativity! Feel free to experiment with different color combinations and create your unique style.

Purple eyeshadow pairs amazingly well with various colors of eyeliners. Brown or black eyeliners can create a more defined and dramatic look when paired with purple eyeshadow. On the other hand, using a purple or blue eyeliner can create a stunning monochromatic and cohesive look.

Complementing Your Eye Color

One of the admirable qualities of purple eyeshadow is its capacity to accentuate various eye colors. Finding the right shade of purple can make your eye color pop and add an extra layer of depth and vibrancy to your overall eye makeup look.

For those with cool blue eyes, shades ranging from regal purple to icy lilac can complement your eye color beautifully. Lighter irises look stunning with brighter purples, while grey-blue eyes look fabulous in smokey shades of aubergine.

Pros and Cons of Wearing Purple Eyeshadow

As with any makeup style, sporting purple eyeshadow comes with both advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, purple eyeshadow can:

  • Be universally flattering for all eye shapes.

  • Suit all skin colors.

  • Make your eyes look brighter and awake.

  • Be soft and easy to wear, making it a perfect introduction to wearing a “bold” type of eyeshadow.

  • Comes in various stunning shades, allowing for many versatile looks.

  • Create a striking and confident appearance.

On the flip side, finding the perfect shade of purple can be challenging due to the color’s rarity in nature.

Be careful when applying purple to mature eyes, you’ll want to make sure that the shade is blended and applied in a way where it doesn’t come across as heavy or too much.

Finally, purple eyeshadow may not appeal to everyone’s beauty preferences as it is quite a bit of color and can be more advanced.

Celebrity-Inspired Purple Eye Makeup

Taylor Swift and Scarlet Johansson Celebrity Makeup

Seeking inspiration for purple eyeshadow? Consider celebrity styles. Celebrities have long embraced the purple eyeshadow trend, and you can take cues from them to create your own iconic looks!

From Scarlett Johansson’s smokey purple eyes to Taylor Swift’s lavender eyeshadow, these celebrity-inspired looks are sure to inspire and excite you.


Mastering the various shades of purple eyeshadow should be an exciting journey of creativity and self-expression!

We get that the color itself is a lot, but that is literally why we as makeup artists love to play with this color. Remember that you can do anything with this stunning hue. Day, evening, night, you name it and you can do it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does purple eyeshadow look good on?

Purple eyeshadow looks wonderful on everyone and any age, but especially on those with green eyes! Brown and blue eyed people should opt for warmer and cooler purple hues respectively for a truly eye-catching look.

How to do purple eye shadow look?

Ready to rock the purple eyeshadow look? Start by creating an even canvas with a base shadow and eye primer. Then, build up your look with a light mauve base and apply purple eyeshadow. Add color to the lower lash line and smoke it out with deep purple. Finish off with shimmer for a dazzling effect, or opt for a defined wing liner.

Is purple eyeshadow out of style?

Purple eyeshadow is back in style for 2024! With its beautiful shades and flattering hues, it’s the perfect hue to rock this season. Celebrity makeup artists agree that this sumptuous jewel tone is a must-have for creating a stunning eye statement. Let’s get your purple game on!

Why has purple eyeshadow become popular again?

Purple eyeshadow is back in a big way thanks to the ’00s revival and current trend towards cooler tones! People are now learning how to wear it for various occasions, making it one of the hottest trends.

What is the importance of creating a clean canvas before applying purple eyeshadow?

Creating a clean canvas before applying purple eyeshadow is essential to get the perfect look, since it allows the combination of red and blue colors in purple eyeshadow to truly shine without blood vessels or skin color distractions getting in the way of the eyeshadow pigment.