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30 Trending Pink Eyeshadow Looks You Need to Try

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Tired of applying the same old eyeshadow look over and over again?

We are too, and in this article we recognize that one easy way to break makeup habits is by exploring new looks focusing on a single color…PINK!

With its versatility, shades, fun appeal, and suitability for all skin tones, pink eyeshadow looks are a must-try for everyone. Together, let’s discover and breakdown how to re-create 30 new pink looks.

Key Takeaways

  • Pink eyeshadow shouldn’t be intimating and can be mastered.

  • Know the fundamentals of application by prepping skin, choosing shades & blending techniques.

  • Explore 30 inspiring looks and use expert tips for a long lasting result paired with complementary lip & cheek colors.

Why Choose Pink Eyeshadow?

Over the past few decades, pink eyeshadow colors have spiked in popularity. Thanks to social media, influencers and makeup artists are becoming more experimental and utilizing creative ways to use pink shades, which are so inspiring!

  • Pink eyeshadow now comes in many shades, tones, and textures making it universal to everyone.

  • It can be used to create a variety of looks, from a soft rose pink for daytime wear to a sultry pink smokey eye for a night out.

  • Bright pink eyeshadow isn’t as scary as it once was, with various techniques and brushes, you can still use this shade while still looking like the best version of you!

  • Pink shimmer or finishers are amazing to amp up the glam to any eye makeup look.

Mastering the Basics for Pink Eyeshadow Application

Pink Eyeshadow Pink Jacket with Space Buns
source: elena.caranfil_academy

Knowing the fundamental basics of eyeshadow application is the first step towards achieving the perfect pink eyeshadow look.

In the following sections, we’ll teach you how to properly prep your skin, how to select the right shades, and our top blending techniques that’ll make your eye makeup stand out like never before!

Prepping the Skin

Preparing your eye skin for a flawless makeup application is a crucial step before you start with pink eyeshadow. Here is how you do it:

  1. Start by cleansing your eye area with eyelid wipes. This gets rid of oil, bacteria, and dirt which keeps your eyelids clean and hydrated.

  2. Apply a hydrating eye cream along the lash line to prevent drying and minimize flaking.

Next, apply an eye primer to create a smooth base for your eyeshadow. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Take a small amount of primer onto a flat eyeshadow brush or your ring finger.

  2. Apply the primer directly onto your eyelids, focusing on the areas where you’ll be applying eyeshadow or areas that you need to control oil (top and bottom of the eyes).

  3. Allow the primer to dry before applying eyeshadow.

  4. Set the eye primer with a setting powder or a skin colored eyeshadow.

Regular exfoliation can also maximize longevity by removing dead skin cells and excess oils, making sure that everything, such as your lip color and pink eyeshadow look stunning together!

Choosing the Right Shades

Girl with two colour pink eyeshadow

Choosing the right shade of pink eyeshadow is pivotal in creating a cohesive blend. Factors to consider include your skin tone and the desired intensity of the pink eyeshadow look.

To help you find the perfect pink eyeshadow, we recommend considering the different finishes and their uses:

  • Matte Pink Eyeshadow: Great for applying full coverage shades of pink and for creating a bolder eye look.

  • Shimmer Pink Eyeshadow: Ideal for adding a touch of glamour to your eye makeup.

  • Neon Pink Eyeshadow: Perfect for making a statement and adding an instant pop to your makeup.

  • Metallic Pink Eyeshadow: A great choice for a night out or special occasion, providing a stunning sheen.

  • Champagne and Gold Pink Eyeshadow: Ideal for creating multiple looks with the same shadow, from soft daytime to vibrant evening looks.

Use tarte Tartelette™ Full Bloom Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette to create many pink colour combinations to your liking!

Blending Techniques

Seamless and professional-looking pink eyeshadow makeup can be achieved by mastering the art of blending, especially for something as pigmented as pink-based eyeshadows:

  1. Start by using a lighter tone of pink eyeshadow to act as a base all over the lid.

  2. Then use a deeper shade to define your eye shape.

  3. Blend the eyeshadow with a blending brush until the edges soften for a stunning effect.

  4. You can also add a dark pink plum shade on the outer half of your eyelid for added dimension and depth.

  5. Make sure to soften the colors together for a seamless smokey eye makeup finish.

Fluffy blending brushes and eyeshadow blending brushes are perfect for creating a beautiful, blended look with pink eyeshadow, allowing you to highlight beneath the eyeshadow for a stunning effect.

30 Inspiring Pink Eyeshadow Looks

Having covered the basics, let’s get to the part you’ve been waiting for! Here are 30 gorgeous pink eyeshadow looks that will make you ready to conquer the world of pink eye makeup.

From shimmer and sparkle to smoky eyes, unique colors with a pink twist, and bold pink cut crease styles, there’s a pink eyeshadow look for every occasion and feeling.


Pink eyeshadow posed with pink ruffle dress
source: anitasoleckamakeup

Let’s start off strong with creating the perfect matte pink, glam eye! This soft beauty look is one you can rock every day. Use your pink shade within the crease area, then use some concealer to cut out the inner eye cut crease. Then place a shimmery champagne gold highlight on top of the eyelids. Don’t forget to apply the same shadow under the eyes and use a white pencil eyeliner in the waterline to make it pop!


Vibrant pink eyeshadow short hair
source: christianschild

You can’t help but LOVE this edgy, metallic pink eye! Keep it easy by applying a base eyeshadow, then using the same bold metallic color all over the lid, inner eye corner, and bottom lash line. Don’t forget to add some lashes and a gold metallic “drip” on the center lower eye.


Pink eyeshadow to cheek blush hard red eyeliner
source: evyxo_

Use your deeper tone, pink shadows for creating this sharp pink winged eyeliner! Make sure you get the details of applying the deep hot pink color from the inner eye corner to the end of your eyebrows. Pair this look with a matte pink shadow on the bottom of the eyes and blend it outwards down your cheeks.


Exaggerated Pink Eyeshadow Graphic
source: makeupwithalix

Amp up your look with subtle inner corner eye shimmer and a fun pink cut crease! Then fade the dark pink shadow into a faded sharp wing. For an added detail, use the same color in the waterline and lower lash line for a stunning, multidimensional effect.


Girl posing with soft pink blush and eyeshadow
source: beautsoup

Get that smoky eyes rock glam on with a slight pink twist! Take your rose pink shades and lay it down as a base as well as draping the color along the cheeks. Smoke it out with black eyeshadow and eyeliner. Then add a hint of grunge by splatting black liquid with a spooly over the cheeks and adding pink fake lashes to the mix!


Stunning pink eyeshadow with bling jewelry
source: christianschild

Transform your look into a stunning editorial piece by using pinks and purples for a killer look. Keep the eyes the focus by wearing no blush and adding a cherry pink lipstick to add the perfect finishing touch.


Pink eyeshadow with white shimmer cut crease
source: cezarsmakeup

Whew, this look is too hot to handle! Check out the white shimmer cut crease mixed in with bright pink and white tightlined eyeliner. If this doesn’t make you want to go out, pop fake eyelashes on, and finish off with a rose pink lipstick, then I don’t know what will!


Electric graphic eyeliner with Pink Eyehsadow
source: arletmakeup_

Give yourself the electric graphic eyeliner you always wanted with pink eye shadow! We love how you can create multiple wings while still having the center of the eye muted and soft. Add a natural pair of false eyelashes and mascara on the bottom of the eyes to add a bit of flair.


Romantic bright sunset eyes with Pink Eyeshadow
source: yourstylishself

What’s more romantic than a bright sunset on the eyes to keep everyone staring?! Use as the base an orange eyeshadow then pack on the lid itself a neon bright pink shadow. This ultra pigmented eye will show everyone how pro you are! But don’t skip out on the while eyeliner in the waterline, that’s what helps everything come together.


Glossy editorial look with Pink Pigment Eyeshadow
source: hairandmakeupbysina

To make this glossy, editorial look: start applying you eye makeup with a hydrating eye primer, then add your pink pigment all over the lid up to the brow bone. Then use a makeup wipe to clean up the edges and create a crisp line. Use a clear eyelid gloss to achieve the reflective shine and top it off with a pair of long fake eyelashes!


Valentines day makeup Theme Pink Eyeshadow
source: mteeken_makeup

We “heart” this look, especially when it comes to the Valentine’s Day makeup theme! Use a light pink eye shadow to create the inner corner hearts with a dark red matte shadow. For the liner, use small pearl beads and lash glue to adhere them onto the skin for the wing, end of the brows, and above the inner eye heart shapes.


Baby doll makeup with liquid pink highlighter
source: neliamakeup

Embrace your baby doll makeup look by using tons of liquid pink highlighter on the neck and chest. Then use a light pink-peach shade in the inner eye corners while smoking it out with brown and black shades. On the lower part of the eyes. use the same dark shadows to bring it all together!


Glitz and Glam Male Pink and Purple Eyeshadow
source: davianemua

Feeling the glitz and glam?! Make it happen with using concealer to create a cut crease of your dreams and adding diamond gems. Make sure to add the dark purple layers first then take your light shimmer pink along the concealed crease. Drape the same colors along the cheek bone all the way up to the forehead for a dazzling effect!


Orange and Pink combo Eyeshadow
source: kd_makeupartist

You know that we can’t get enough of this orange and pink eye look! You want a stunning combo? Bring these two colors together, pink on the top of the eyes and orange on the bottom. Then use white eyeliner in the water line.

Pro makeup tip: use tweezers to intentionally “clump” the bottom lashes together while it’s still wet for that doll-like makeup effect.


Pink butterfly makeup with Pinks and Purples
source: mteeken_makeup

Fly sky high with pink butterfly makeup! By using an eyeshadow palette that is versatile with pinks and purples, you can create eyebrows and eyelids that are the perfect base for black eyeliner! Dot the ends with white eye liner to create the monarch butterfly look.


Pink barbie doll makeup with Satin Pink Eyeshadow
source: looks_by_hiba

Unleash your pink Barbie doll makeup look by applying the same satin pink shadow on the cheeks and eyes! Then apply long and dramatic fake eyelashes, and finish with peach-pink lips.


Hot pink bottom eyelashes bubble gum color
source: malvina_isfan

Unleash your pink Barbie doll makeup look by applying the same satin pink shadow on the cheeks and eyes! Then apply long and dramatic fake eyelashes, and finish with peach-pink lips.


Blue eyes pop with pink eyeshadow shimmer
source: makeupbysem

Want to know how to make blue eyes pop? This is how you do it! Take a lighter pink shimmer highlighter in the inner eye corner, then add a bright baby pink shade as the base and lower lash line. Smoke it out with dark purple matte eye shadow to lift everything up, then finish off with fake eyelashes.


Sport soft glam long winged eyeliner and matte pink eyeshadow
source: sarazasella

Give your all to a sporty soft glam with a sharp, long winged eyeliner and matte pink shadow in the inner corner of the eyelids. Create the siren eye look by winging the inner corner of the eye and making clean lines.


Bold eye cut crease and hot pink shadow
source: ruizalueet

Make the perfect selfie by crushing the bold eye look with a skintone cut crease and hot pink shadow under the brow bone and lower lash line! Don’t forget to add sexy sharp nails and a rose pink lip to the mix.


Simple darker rose shade eyeshadow
source: hairandmakeupbysina

Keeping the eyes looking simple is the ideal way to make pink eyeshadow a statement without looking crazy bold. Use a darker rose shade and wet it with a setting spray to create the ideal photoshoot wing liner eye look.


Lavender haze persona with Pink Shade Eyeshadow
source: beautsoup

Bring on the lavender haze persona into your makeup wardrobe! Take a gorgeous pink shade and apply it on your fake eyelashes while fading the roots of the base to a dark purple. Add the same color to the eyebrows and pair it off with light nude, glossy lips.


Soft muted pink brown cut crease
source: 88manuel88

Not all shades of pink have to be super bright. In fact, when you wear a soft muted pink on the eyes, under a brown cut crease, you’ll make a modern look turn into a classic version you!


Indian bridle shimmering pink orange purple makeup
source: dimpleshethmakeover

Shout out to all the beautiful ladies wearing Indian bridal makeup looks! Pull out all the stops when it comes to shimmering pink, orange, and purple colors on the eyes. To make your look stand out even more, use a light white based shimmer highlighter under the brow bone!


Boudoir fantasy applying natural glam gold pink shimmer
source: pazit_horesh_saig

Live it up with your boudoir fantasy by applying a natural glam, gold pink shimmer eye look! Full brows, classic wing eyeliner, and muted eyes makes the pink lip pair beautifully with the same cheek color.


Bright pink purple eyeshadow on the lower eye area
source: lhidhiastanley

Sometimes, just adding a bright pink purple eyeshadow on the lower eye area can make all the difference! Use neutral tones on the upper lid like champagne gold and dark matte browns to let the lower lash line shine!


Classic red lip modern twist Strawberry pink eye
source: beautsoup

Give that classic red lip a modern twist with a strawberry pink eye and draped cheek blush. Use a warm matte orange in the crease to add definition and finish off the look with natural wispy lashes.


Neon candy pink cut crease with white liner
source: mteeken_makeup

If Kim Kardashian was a makeup artist, you’d be looking at her version of a neon candy pink cut crease! Use white liner to add the gloss high shine feel and use three different shades of pink eye shadow for a seamless transition.


Invert cut crease white liner pink shimmer eyeshadow
source: anishawilliamsx

Invert the cut crease with a white liner and create a darker edge to the inner corner for a detailed definition. Then apply a pink shimmer to the inner corners on top of a matte bright pink shadow. Clean up the wing with a makeup remover wipe or Q-tip to get a sharp edge.


Romantic dusty rose shimmer eye makeup
source: anitasoleckamakeup

You know we had to finish the 30 pink eye looks strong with a stunning, romantic dusty rose shimmer eye makeup! Start off by making a small cut crease on half of the eye then using concealer to cut the pigment, and applying a shimmering light pink gold for added brightness.

Expert Tips for Long-Lasting Pink Eye Makeup

Follow these pro makeup tips to ensure that your pink eyeshadow makeup stays put throughout the day for a long-lasting experience!

  • First and foremost, invest in high-quality products that offer excellent color payoff, seamless blendability, and extended wear time. In this industry, you get what you pay for. Using top-notch eyeshadow palettes will make a world of difference in the longevity, application, and vibrancy of your pink eyeshadow.

  • Next, set your eyeshadow with a primer or setting spray to help the colors last even longer. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base are fantastic options for ensuring your lower lash line and overall lash line stays smudge-free throughout the wear.

  • Finally, don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures for a beautiful and long-lasting pink eye makeup look. Layer concealer or matte, shimmer, and glitter textures to create a stunning look that not only lasts but also stands out!

Pairing Your Pink Eyeshadow with Lip and Cheek Colors

Pairing your pink eyeshadow with complementary lip and cheek colors is key to creating a cohesive and striking makeup look.

When it comes to lipstick shades, consider the following options that will complement your pink eyeshadow look perfectly:

  • Red.

  • Fuchsia.

  • Pinky-nude.

  • Anything neutral.

  • Deep berry.

  • Classic red.

For blush colors, light peach, soft berry, or baby pink shades will beautifully complement the pink tones in your eyeshadow and create a matching look under the lash line. Remember, it’s best to choose shades that enhance your pink eyeshadow without overpowering it and show off your personality!


As you explore these inspiring pink eyeshadow looks, don’t forget to experiment with different shades, textures, and blending techniques to create unique and stunning eye makeup looks tailored to your personal style and define eye shape.

Colors should enhance your mood and beautiful facial features! Have fun and explore your skills!


How do you make pink smokey eyes?

Create a stunning look with pink smokey eyes by first applying eye primer. Then define your eyes with layering shadow. Apply pink, burgundy, purple and gold colors. Make sure to blend using a blending brush for a seamless eyeshadow fade! Adding eyeliner and mascara for finished glamour.

How to do subtle pink eyeshadow?

Begin with a light pink eyeshadow at the outer corner and blend above the crease. Gradually blend in some brown pigment for a shaded effect on the outer edges, or opt for a darker shade of pink to create a soft smoky, yet subtle look.

What skin tone looks good with pink eyeshadow?

No matter your skin tone, pink eyeshadow is the perfect choice to make. With so many shades, there is a tone meant for anyone! Cool undertones should opt for blue-based pinks like baby pink, mauve and fuchsia while warm tones should look for golden pinks like peach, rose gold and coral. Neutral tones can also try any shade of pink as a go-to makeup look.