How to Determine if you need Setting Spray, Powder or Both!

When deciding if you want to wear setting powder or spray on your skin, think about how much makeup you will be wearing and what kind of lasting results you want. Remember that the purpose of setting products is to help your makeup stay and to keep it locked on throughout the day!

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The whole reason why you would want to consider wearing setting products is to make sure your makeup lasts for a certain period of time.

Beauty brands will always provide claims on how long each product will make your makeup last for! They also provide different variations with key benefits, so make sure you purchase setting products that benefits your skin and lifestyle.

If you’re wearing little to no makeup and want to guarantee that your efforts do not disappear in a couple hours, then take a few seconds to mist on a Setting Spray.

Medium to full makeup application usually takes more time and effort. Therefore, it makes the most sense to set your look with both a setting powder and spray to keep in place the makeup you just applied.

How to know when to use just a Setting Powder?

Setting powder can be created in many forms and is oftentimes built with coverage! A lot of people will use it alone or on top of makeup.

If you still don’t know if you should use a setting powder, here are some scenarios when it would be recommended.

  1. When your liquid or cream makeup needs a dry powder to set it to not move or crease. For example: laugh lines, under the eyes, forehead.
  2. To help absorb oil.
  3. When you want your skin to have a blurred or photoshopped effect.
  4. To use the technique of “Baking” the skin.

How to know when to use a Setting Spray?

The purpose of a setting spray is to provide the final, last layer of holding power to get your makeup to stay on. Sometimes it has other benefits and that might also include hydration, and different finishes like illuminating, matte, natural. Here are the reasons why you should wear a setting spray.

  1. Use a setting spray after a setting powder to provide extra setting durability and to do the most on your part to make sure that your makeup lasts.
  2. When you have little to no time to do your makeup and want to make sure that the effort you did take stays on.
  3. If worried about applying too much powder in textures areas, mist a setting spray onto a sponge and set under the eyes and laugh lines.
  4. Apply a setting spray to eyeshadows, highlights, or any other dry to liquid powders to create a “wet” enhanced look!


When thinking about your makeup, determine what kind of look you want your skin to have and how long you want that to last. When in doubt, test your makeup’s longevity and final look to see if it meets your expectations and desired outcome!

This will help you a lot when determining if you should wear just a powder, spray or both on your face.