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Freckle Fever: Embrace the Trend with Faux Freckles

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Freckles are so hot right now. But what if you weren’t naturally blessed with these stunning specks? No problem. As it turns out, faux freckles are having a moment of their own and very on-trend. Applying them yourself is easy to do with the right tools and a little bit of makeup know-how.

How to Make Freckles that Pass the Test

The biggest no-no when learning how to do fake freckles is making them too dark or obvious. A quick look at a genuinely freckled face will show you that these beautiful specks differ in shades, size, and depth. So, the key is to emulate their natural vibe.

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Choose your Fave Fake Freckles Makeup

Set yourself up for faux freckle success with the right products in your makeup kit. If you’re planning to try the fake freckle trend for yourself, these are our favourite finds to get you started.

  • Fake tanner. Yes, it’s true. You can use fake tanner to create faux freckles (that actually look good.) Extra care is needed to only apply minor dots, otherwise, it’ll look more like a smear than a cute speckle.
  • Fake freckles. Newsflash: there are products made specifically for faux freckles. In our opinion, the best is Freck OG. This formula develops on your skin and is buildable, so you can go as light or dark as you like.
  • Eyebrow pencil. A quality eyebrow pencil, like Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Brow Pencil Mini, gives you the precision this beauty trend calls for.
  • Eyeliner. Another classic, you can use pencil or liquid eyeliner to create some realistic faux freckles. Just be cautious not to go too dark or thick, as it’ll be instantly clockable.
  • Henna: Applying henna dye to your skin is the latest TikTok trend. But be warned, dermatologists aren’t crazy about this method because it can cause allergic reactions and permanent pigmentation, so it’s not advisable.

Prepping Your Face

Before you can apply your chosen faux freckles makeup, you need to prep the canvas. Start with a moisturised and hydrated face so the product soaks up nicely. Then, just like applying any other type of makeup, use a primer to keep your new spots on point. Popular primers like e.l.f’s Power Grip Primer are undetectable but a-maz-ing at holding onto whatever comes into contact with it.

Once you’re primed, go ahead and do your regular makeup routine. You’ll want a base of foundation underneath if you’re planning on a total beat. Follow this up with some lightly dusted bronzer where you plan on getting freckled. Otherwise, apply the specks to clean skin with some primer as the base for a more natural look.

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Applying Your New Freckles

No two freckles are the same, and this is the mindset we want going into the faux freckle process. Follow these steps to get that gorgeous sun-kissed and speckled look without any of the UV damage.

  1. Using your chosen applicator, lightly tap it on your face where you want the freckles. Aiming for the place where sun naturally hits (like the nose and cheekbones) will get the most natural results.
  2. After concentrating on the main zones, do some less concentrated spots in the surrounding areas. You don’t want a perfectly symmetrical pattern though, so choose some random placements such as a couple around the brows and towards the chin.
  3. Smudge some of the fake dots with your finger to make them appear more natural. On others, apply another dab of pencil or makeup so they look darker. A combination of dark and light will give you a realistic look.
  4. A little bit of setting spray goes a long way with faux freckles. Once you’ve finished your face, spray your chosen product to keep your freckles looking fresh. Alcohol-free options are better for your skin, so keep this in mind.

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Faux Freckles: Tips & Troubleshooting

You’ve learned how to do fake freckles, now what? Well, there are ways you can enhance your newly speckled face and ensure they stay put. Check out these tips and troubleshooting for long-lasting – and good-looking – faux freckles:

  • Avoid matte foundation underneath freckles, if possible. A sheer foundation or simple tinted moisturiser will help them stand out best.
  • Gone too hard with the freckles? Tap your finger gently on the trouble spot and lift some of the product off to reduce its harshness.
  • Speak to a dermatologist before opting for extra measures like freckling and cosmetic tattoos. Some downsides make it a little risky, as well as understanding the long term effects, so it’s worth being informed as well as doing a bit of research.
  • Rather than covering up pimples, apply a little makeup product and turn them into a freckle. Cover it with a little concealer before making the transition to faux freckle.

Sun-kissed Specks (Without the Sun)

Mastering how to give yourself freckles is simple, and it’s a trend that looks gorgeous on all skin types and tones. Spend a little time mastering the art of faux freckles and enjoy the smattering of cuteness they can add to your look.

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How do you do fake freckles?

The best method for faking freckles is to use an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner and gently dab it on the skin where you want the spots to appear.

How long do fake freckles last?

A semi-permanent freckling procedure can last up to 12 months, depending on the method used. Makeup options are more temporary and will only last as long as the product stays on the skin.

Can you permanently give yourself freckles?

The most popular permanent freckle application is done by cosmetic tattooing. Freckling, as it’s called, is performed by creating permanent and semi-permanent pigmentation of the skin to appear as freckles.

Is there a way to naturally get freckles?

Freckles are caused by a genetic disposition and exposure to the sun. deliberately exposing your skin to UV rays is harmful and not recommended, so temporary and fake freckles are a safer option.