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The EASIEST Winged Eyeliner Looks for Everyone!

We know, winged eyeliner – either you are an expert at it, or you avoid doing at all costs because it’s HARD.

Here in this article, you’ll find out how to apply this liner art style AND the best ways to wear a wing customized for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Achieve everyday elegance or evening glamour with winged eyeliner tailored to any eye shape!

  • Learn the techniques and product picks for perfecting a flawless look on hooded eyes.

  • Master the art of winged eyeliner for any occasion.

A Universal Winged Eyeliner Technique

Yaras Face Instagram showing Winged Eyeliner
source: @yarasface

The versatility of winged eyeliner is what truly sets it apart from any other makeup technique. It’s an all-hours accessory, perfect for dawn or dusk, business or going out.

Here are the only steps you’ll need to create a universal winged eyeliner look:

  1. Start by completing your whole eye makeup routine, even if it’s as basic as just mascara or a full glam with lashes and eyeshadow!

  2. Then take a soft, yet sturdy angled brush and dampen it in setting spray, hydrating mist, or makeup wipe.

  3. Lightly use a tissue or Kleenex to absorb some of the liquid so that the brush is just damp.

  4. Use the brush directly in your favorite eyeliner formula or dry eyeshadow.

  5. Then starting at the ends of the eye, about a centimeter in from the end of the eyelid, take the tip of the brush and glide it outwards following the edge of the eye.

  6. Flick the brush out to create the desired length of the wing.

  7. Then go back to where the eyelids blinks together with the bottom of the lid and rejoin the bottom of the wing together to create a “<” shape.

Wing Eyeliner for Daily Wear or Work

Sharomua Winged Eyeliner with Freckles and Braid
source: @shari.mua

Here is how to create a perfect winged liner makeup to wear from boardrooms to grocery stores with a subtle winged liner look.

Achieving this involves staying super close to the bottom lash line – think of it as challenge or test to keeping the formula as close as you can to your eyelash roots.

  • Use the side of a sharpened pencil eyeliner with light pressure for a smooth controlled line.

  • Once you’ve drawn the line tracing your eye, you want to create the outline of your wing and fill it in with your eyeliner pencil.

  • Flick out the blunt end with the tip of your fingernail to create the sharp wing edge!

Dramatic Flair: Winged Eyeliner for Evening Glamour

Livemua Bold Winged Eyeliner
source: @livmua

When the sun dips below the horizon and the city lights flicker to life, it’s time to bring out the bold and dramatic wing!

The secret to achieving the perfect dramatic wing? Draw a thin to thick line on the top eyelid by starting with a thin line, then going just a tiny bit about the original line halfway through to create that perfect angle. Building the liner as you apply it in short, little strokes.

Creativity thrives in the realm of dramatic eyeliner wing!

Feel free to experiment with the line’s thickness, extend the wing in different lengths and angles, or even incorporate graphic artistic lines with it. Opt for a double wing for a touch of drama or go for a bold, thick liner on the upper lid for a statement look. Whatever your choice, your eyes will be the star of the show with a perfectly defined upper lash line.

Master Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Sky Eyes Bold Winged Liner with Nude Eyeshadow
source: @sky_eyes_

Hooded eyes can seem challenging, but coming from a writer who has the hooded eye shape, the sloping fold doesn’t change too much when mastering this eyeliner makeup technique!

Here are our best tips on how to create a wing liner look every time on our unique eye shape.

The Right Angle

Identifying the right angle on how you hold the brush/applicator is KEY.

Tilting your chin upwards so that your head is lifted while looking in the mirror will help stretch the lid AND allow you to keep both eyes open when applying the liner.

The ideal angle of your wrist also directs the wing upward and outward from the inner corner to the outer corner, balancing the hooded shape and creating the illusion of a more awake-looking eye.

To find this elusive angle, try this method: tilt your head back slightly and look down into the mirror. Then hold the liner on it’s side ABOVE the curl of the lashes so that you don’t hit your eyelashes while making the tiny strokes of liner on the skin. Follow the curve down of the eyes but don’t angle the liner in a deep Nike Checkmark (it’ll look outdated), INSTEAD go out straight from the end of your eyes and you’ll get the best wing every time!

Product Choices

For hooded eyes, opting for a long-lasting and smudge-free formula is essential.

Liquid eyeliner Danessa Myricks Beauty Linework Paintbrush Fluid Liquid Eyeliner, Shiseido’s MicroLiner, and Eyeko’s liquid eyeliner are some top-rated options known for their precision and staying power.

Consider these types of eyeliner as the superheroes of the eyeliner realm, undeterred by skin folds or oiliness, and keeping your winged liner flawless throughout the day. Just remember to have an oil-based eye makeup remover handy when it’s time to take it off.

Hooded Eye Application Techniques

Applying winged eyeliner on hooded eyes may require some specific techniques, but with a little practice, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Here are the steps to apply winged eyeliner on hooded eyes:

  1. Hold your eyeliner pencil in line with your nose and the corner of your eye.

  2. Angle the sharpened pencil to the side in a straight line.

  3. Start by drawing the thinnest line halfway across your eyelids, the inner open part makes your eyes look bigger!

  4. Attached the wing to the thin line on the ends of the eyes by going outwards until desired length has been made.

  5. Draw on the bottom of the wing and fill it by connecting the line you just created to the bottom skin of the lower part of the eyes.

With these steps, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner look on hooded eyes!

Avoid pulling on your eye, tugging at the edge of the skin, or applying eyeliner with closed eyes. These mistakes will cause you not use both eyes to see and make even, perfect lines.

Timing Your Wing: When to Wear Winged Eyeliner

Deciding when to bust out the winged eyeliner can be compared to selecting the perfect wardrobe accessory for your outfit!

While it can certainly be worn at any time, the style of your winged liner can be tailored to suit different occasions and makeup styles. It’s all about personal preference and how you want to reflect your style.

For a casual look, a natural-looking winged eyeliner can add a touch of understated glamour. In a business setting, a thin winged liner adds sophistication without being overly dramatic. And for those glamorous evenings, a pronounced and bold winged liner can enhance your overall makeup, making your eyes the absolute feature.

Do’s and Don’ts of Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Closeup of girl with Winged Eyeliner

We know that perfecting the winged eyeliner parallels can be confusing. Especially with all the different types of eyes, products, and of course filters.

Here is our top do’s and don’ts to keep you on the path to success when it comes to this finicky look!

The Do’s

  • Start by prepping the eye area with a concealer or eyeshadow primer, a step often recommended by many makeup artists. This creates a smooth base and an even texture to the skin.

  • Use a thin makeup brush or an angled brush to create the wing. Remember to loosen the pressure on the eyeliner as you reach the end of the wing to create a more natural wing curve.

  • Make sure to take a step back and check for symmetry. We get so caught up looking extremely close to the mirror that we forget that people aren’t that close to us 24/7. So how does it look from far away?

  • Look straight onto the mirror when drawing the wing instead of turning the head. You won’t know if it’s the same angle as the other one until it’s too late.

  • Practice at night time when you’re not planning on going out, less pressure equals better practice time!

The Don’ts

  • Don’t stretch the eyelid or side of the eye area skin while applying the liner. It isn’t good for your skin long term and closes one eye blocking your vision.

  • To avoid bump marks or an uneven line – warm up the eyeliner on the back of the hand before use and use small brush strokes for any liner applicator.

  • Another common mistake is using a thick eyeliner brush or felt tip liquid eyeliner. Instead, go for a thin, brush haired tip or a fine yet sturdy eyeliner brush for perfect precision.


We can’t wait for you to gain confidence with your new found eyeliner knowledge!

So, go into your makeup kit, grab your favorite eyeliner, and start practicing – the perfect winged eyeliner look will come. We believe in you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is winged eyeliner still in 2024?

Oh yes, winged eyeliner is still in style for 2023 and 2024 – all the celebrities like Zendaya and pro makeup artists are still using this timeless makeup technique to create a wonderful lift to the eyes. You should too!

What angle should winged eyeliner be?

For a perfect winged eyeliner look, you’ll want to angle the wing shape anywhere from 15 to 30 degrees up and out – depending on your makeup occasion. For a bolder look, try 45 degrees!

How to look more like Ariana Grande?

Achieve Ariana Grande’s signature look by starting with a moisturized canvas, applying primer and eyeshadow, then setting your base with foundation and concealer. Wing your eyes with a 30 degree angle and a bigger fill. Really, the finished look should have hair extensions, a half up & half down ponytail, and fake wispy long lashes.

What is winged eyeliner?

Winged eyeliner is a glamourous makeup technique that enhances the eyes by giving them a lifted ‘wing’ effect that looks similar to the letter V on its side, created on the outer edges of the eyes.

How can I create a subtle winged eyeliner look for daily wear?

For a subtle yet sophisticated look, create a SUPER EASY wing eyeliner by tightlining, then flicking out the ends onto the skin. Then use your finger nail tip to drag out the “wing” tip however long you want it!