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ColourPop That’s Taupe Palette Review | 2023

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  • Editor’s Rating: 3.8
  • Price Range:
  • USD: $14.00
  • CAD: $19.59
  • Made in the USA
  • Permanent Edition

If you’re looking to add to your eyeshadow collection without breaking the bank or purchasing too many shadows, then you really need to try ColourPop’s eyeshadow palette makeup line.

These mini compacts contain small, round eyeshadow pans with 9 different shades and are very eye catching!
ColourPop That’s Taupe Pressed Powder Palette is a taupe nude eyeshadow compact made to create beautiful, everyday to smoky eyes. The shadow looks can range from a natural, evening, or smoky brown. They’re made to look cool toned, neutral, and to make your eyes pop!

But the question is, do they perform well and actually look good? Here are my testing results.

That's Taupe Pressed Powder Palette Box Art

Benefits and Claims


  • Pressed Powder eyeshadow colours are highly pigmented, feels ultra-velvety, and are silky smooth
  • Creates a soft-focus effect
  • Small and compact, fits in my hand
  • Super Shock eyeshadow is a long wearing crème to powder, crease-free formula


  • Contains 8 Pressed Powder eyeshadows
  • 3 Metallic and 5 Matte Finishes
  • Contains 1 Super Shock Shadow (Slated)
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Super creamy, pigmented, and has a one-swipe intensity
  • Blends smoothly and evenly

Not So Good Ingredients:

Emollient and Perfuming: Isopropyl Myristate

Abrasive or Scrub: Talc


  • The colour combinations that ColourPop Cosmetics chose for the palette can create a variety of day, evening, and night looks.
  • The whole compact is very light, small, and easy to pack/travel with.
  • Each eyeshadow formulas are easy to blend and apply.


  • The palette doesn’t have a mirror
  • The eyeshadows are only good for people who like wearing warm based taupe-tones (even though they claim that they are all cool tones)
  • The pans are really small, not normal industry size
  • Doesn’t look good on all skin colours. Looks ashy on deeper skin tones

Testing and Results

That's Taupe Pressed Powder Palette On Eyelid

That's Taupe Pressed Powder Palette On Eyelid
Colour Shade’s on my eyes are: Boa, Pebble Beach, Slated, and Bedrock.

Colourpop’s that’s Taupe Shadow palette is a portable, light compact that has many textures and colours. They are supposed to be all cool toned but there are colours that perform with more warm hues on the skin.

I do love the fact that you get smooth, pigmented eyeshadows that work really well together or alone. The colours that are placed together offer a wide range of makeup looks that could easily be transformed into an evening or night look.

A little history about my skin before we begin:

  • Eye Shape: Tapered Eyelids
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Skin Colour: Olive
  • Sensitivity: Mild
  • Skin Type: Oily Eyelids
  • Wears contacts and glasses


There is no smell to these eyeshadows!! It is scent free!


This nude eyeshadow palette has 3 different eyeshadow finishes: Matte, Metallic, and Super Shock (Colourpop’s special shimmer).

The matte finish is very pigmented, easy to blend, and has full coverage. The metallic finishes are usually my favorite, but the Cold Blooded colour doesn’t go on the same as the Snake Eyes. It went on more sheer and is harder to build. Where the other shimmer shades applied onto the eyes with the expected, amazing quality that I’ve experienced from previous ColourPop Palettes (Link to the ColourPop Nude Mood Blog).

The best way to use the Super Shock and Metallic shadows is definitely with your fingers! With an eyeshadow brush, it just dusted right off the eyelids and you could barely see any shimmer.

A lesson for ColourPop shimmer shades: Use your ring finger to apply these glamorous eyeshadows. The oils of your finger enhance the finish and make it literally a one-swipe intensity with zero fallout!


My first thoughts when I tried the shadows on my eyes was that the shades were that they were just okay. The performance of all the eyeshadows (except Cold Blooded) were beautiful. Very pigmented, easy to blend, and delivered very well on shadow quality.

The shades, depending on your skin colour, will not always perform and look cool toned. The Pebble Beach, Snake Eyes, and Python pulls a little warm on my olive skin tone.

When I use my eyeshadow brush in the matte colours (because of how buttery they are), there tends to be a lot of shadow pigment dust on the pan and the debris went all over the packaging. You just have to be very careful when using these so that you don’t get tons of fall out on the face or pick up too much pigment on the brushes.


I love the snake skin, metallic pattern on the palette! It’s not tacky and is made really well. It also goes to the snake’s name theme that each shadow has (boa, python, snake eyes, etc) which adds an element of fun.

The boxed cardboard is a recyclable packaging that has a soft, textured, satin feeling. It feels quite luxurious and matches the same packaging for the actual palette. The titled fonts have a raised lift so you can feel it when you run your fingers over it.

The Taupe eyeshadow itself does not contain a mirror, has a magnetic enclosure, and is also made out of a durable, soft cardboard. I love how the names of each eyeshadow are on the back of the palette with circles on it to mimic the same shape as the eyeshadow pans.

That being said, the size of these eyeshadows is SMALL. Just a bit shorter than an inch. Don’t expect to have full sized pans of powder for this price, but the good thing is a little goes a long way due to the quality.

That's Taupe Pressed Powder Palette Colours

ColourPop That’s Taupe Q&As

Is ColourPop Thats Taupe Pigmented?

The matte shadows are full coverage and very pigmented. The Slated and Snake Eyes are medium buildable pigment when you’re using your ring finger on your eyes! The Cold Blooded is pretty sheer and not pigmented at all.

Did the eyeshadow not crease or have any fallout?

Alone without eyeshadow primer, the eyeshadow did crease on my eyelids as they get quite oily throughout the day from the fold friction when blinking. With my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, the eyeshadow did not crease at all.
As long as you use your ring finger to apply the shimmer shades, then you won’t get any fall out on the eyes. The Supershock eyeshadow: Slated didn’t crease on my eyes with and without eye primer!

How do you apply Colourpop Taupe Eyeshadow?

The best way to apply these colours is with an eyeshadow brush, except the colour: Slated, Snake Eyes, and Cold Blooded. Use your ring finger to apply these colours on the eyelids so that the pigment adheres!

The tones and shades in the That’s Taupe eyeshadow palette are pretty but the colours are a bit deceiving. To me, true cool-toned eyeshadows perform cool-toned on all skin colours on the eye lids, and this product didn’t do that for my complexion. While most looked cool-toned, some showed up a bit warm (which I like on my skin, but maybe not everyone will).

There is a wonderful number of colours to play with to achieve a day, evening, or night look. All of which can create looks that are more natural or glamorous which is wonderfully versatile!

If you like these shades, don’t mind using warm and cool tones, and owning a smaller eyeshadow palette, then you should definitely try it. For the price, it’s really affordable.

Is ColourPop That’s Taupe Worth it?

I wouldn’t purchase this product again unfortunately. I was really excited and looking at all the hype online made me interested in trying it. But I have so many actual cool tone eyeshadows that work for my skin complexion that this isn’t worth getting again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review and checking out my product test findings!

I would love to know what your favorite cool-toned eyeshadow makeup eyeshadows are! Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions about my testing experience or this product, please comment and I’ll respond to you as soon as possible.