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Unlock Youthful Glam: Best Eye Primer for Mature Skin

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As we journey through life, our skin undergoes many transformations. Instead of trying to hide away, we should be proud to embrace our ever-evolving beauty.

One area that changes – the skin around our eyes – can become a little tricker to navigate. The fine lines that sometimes appear when we apply eyeshadow, liners, and mascara can cause makeup to smudge, fad, and crease. Thankfully, eye primer offers a simple solution.

But finding the best eye primer for mature skin requires a unique approach.

You’ll want something high quality to enhance the longevity of your makeup while also minmizing the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles that come with age. Importantly, it lets you embrace your natural beauty and continue wearing your favourite products without missing a beat!

Today, we’ll explore the key things to consider when choosing an eye primer for mature skin. Plus, share useful tips on applying it, the benefits it brings, and some of our favourite products that address the uniqueness of mature skin. Let’s go!

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What are the Must-Haves for Mature Skin Eye Primer?

When it comes to achieving a flawless makeup for the eyes, our skin’s needs vary depending on our age. If you have mature skin, there are some essential factors to consider.

Let’s explore some must-haves to help you create that desired flawless look.

  • Hydration. As we age, our skin can sometimes feel drier. Look for a deeply hydrating eye primer to combat dryness and prevent your eyeshadow from settling into creases as time goes on.
  • Anti-Aging Properties. Opt for a primer infused with anti-aging ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid, or collagen to help firm and plump the delicate skin around the eyes. The act as a 2-4-1 skincare and makeup product, so they’re worth their weight in gold.
  • Long-Lasting Formula. Choose an eye primer marketed as extended long-wear. These work like magic, keeping eyeshadow vibrant for hours and will prevent any fading or smudging.
  • Neutralising Colors. Discolouration and redness might become more common as we age. Consider a primer with colour-correcting properties to even these out and create a smooth canvas for your eye makeup to be applied to.
  • Sensitive skin. Mature skin may start to react differently to makeup. Sourcing the best eye primer for sensitive, mature eyes is essential for keeping your skin comfortable.

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Simple Steps to Using Eye Primer

The best part about eye primers is that they’re a cinch to apply and work wonders on skin of all ages. With the proper product chosen to match your skin concerns, follow these simple steps for an MUA-approved application.

  1. Prepare your face. Always begin by cleansing your face, drying it off, and applying a moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type and concerns and give it time to absorb completely before using primer. Do you need moisturizer or primer first? On the eye area, we advise moisturizing before anything else.
  2. Apply the primer. With the best eye primer for mature skin in your arsenal, you should only need a small amount to see results. Using either a cream eye brush or the tip of your ring, dab the primer onto your eyelids, starting at the lash line and work upwards all over the lid.
  3. Set and forget. Once your primer has gone on and been given time to absorb, it’s time to set. Use a translucent setting powder and lightly dust it over the primer, providing a smooth base to apply the makeup.
  4. Do your eye makeup. With the primer in place and setting powder on, you can apply eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner. Apply as usual, the use an amazing setting spray for extra hold throughout the day. Voila!

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Benefits of Eye Primer

So, what are the benefits of eye primer?

Many people go their whole lives applying eye makeup without priming. But it’s always best to prime to get the full effect of your eyeshadow products AND to make it last till you decide to take it off.

These are some top benefits you can expect when you level up to using an eye primer.

  • Bigger, better colour: Eye primer intensify the pigmentation of your eyeshadow, making the colours appear more vibrant. This means you use less of your favourite (sometimes expensive) product for more heightened results.
  • Longevity: By creating a barrier between your skin and eyeshadow, a primer prevents creasing, smudging, and fading. The payoff? Your eye makeup looks fresh through the day and night.
  • Smoother application These wonder products create a smooth canvas for your eyeshadow, making it easier to blend and apply with precision. Not only is it easier to use with primer, but the finished look of your eyeshadow is also flawless.
  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles: A good eye primer can fill in fine lines and wrinkles that commonly come with age. Although it won’t remove them altogether, it can do a stellar job of hiding them.

The 5 BEST Eye primers for mature skin

Still not sure where to look for a mature skin-friendly eye primer? No problem. We’ve searched far and wide to create a list of our favourite primers to suit mature skin, so you don’t have to. Check them out!


Urban Decay: Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion

The hint is in the name. This famous primer for your eyes comes with anti-ageing ingredients and pumps up the skin for a more youthful look. Dermaxyl and Kalpariane actively work at smoothing the under-eye area so your makeup goes on like a treat.

Shop Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer (USA) Shop Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer (Canada)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer

This simple, hydrating, long-lasting eye primer is perfect for mature skin. It works best on the eyelid, keeping eyeshadow in place, and helps to hide all the small creases. Bonus: mix it with your favourite eyeshadow and apply it this way for a more dramatic look.

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Hourglass Veil Eye Primer

One of my favorites, it amplifies your eyeshadow with a lightweight formula, making things more vibrant. It also nourishes your skin with vitamin E and C to keep your skin moisturized.

Shop Hourglass Veil Eye Primer (USA) Shop Hourglass Veil Eye Primer (Canada)

Morphe Eyelid Primer

Want longer-lasting eyeshadow? Morphe’s waterproof primer turns sheer as it dries and gives you 12 hours of vibrant colour. Plus, its non-creasing powers make it perfect for mature skin.

Morphe Eyelid Primer (USA)

NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshdow Base

Another favourite for eyeshadow lovers, this one from NARS gives your lids a seamless finish and fresh canvas for applying makeup. With antioxidants, minerals, and polymer, it’s the perfect combo for mature skin.

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Embrace Your Aging Skin

Aging skin is beautiful skin, but choosing products that suit your skin type and any concerns you have is vital to ensure the best results. An eye primer explicitly designed for mature skin should be hydrating, smoothing, and long-lasting, so don’t settle for anything less than perfect.


What’s the best eye primer for mature eyes?

People with mature skin should shop for an eye primer with anti-ageing properties, added hydration, and colour correction. These address the most common concerns of applying makeup to mature eyes.

Does eye primer hide wrinkles?

An eye primer can’t completely hide wrinkles, but it can help minimize their appearance. This prepping product creates a smoother surface for eyeshadow application, avoiding the creasing and wrinkles caused when you don’t apply a primer.

How do I choose eye primer?

An eye primer should suit your skin colour as well as concerns, including type, age, and sensitivities. The main goal of a primer is to create a smooth canvas for eye makeup and boost its longevity, so anything that ticks these boxes are ideal.

How can I make my mature eyes look younger?

Hydrating eye cream is best for making mature eyes look younger. Makeup products, including eye primers, lighter and neutral eyeshadow shades, and a lash lifting mascara, can all help to rejuvenate the eye area.