Artist Couture Diamond Lights Finisher Review

When Shimmer Becomes Addictive. Everywhere.

  • Product Highlights: Multi-Functional: face highlighter, eyeshadow, body and lip shimmer. A loose powder.
  • Product Finish: A “Wet” look Shimmer Finish
  • Skill Level: Easy/ Experienced/ Expert – Easy
  • Skin Type: Normal/ Dry/ Combination/ Oily – All Skin Types
  • Colour/Shade Range: Available in 5 Colours
  • Day/Evening/Night: All
  • Price: CAD: $33.00, USD: $25.00

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Artist Couture Diamond Lights Finisher Glitter Label


Smooth, adhesive loose pearls are wrapped in silicone oil to melt into the skin to create a wet-diamond sheen.

Formulated without Parabens

Product Claims

  • Long-wearing
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan


The glistening world of makeup is always improving and growing. With every beauty brand there is always their version of a product with shimmer! So naturally a beauty influencer saw an opportunity to create something fun, new, and super creative.

When I heard about Artist Couture, I remember first glancing at the brand packaging and moving on. Nothing about the branding stood out to me and as many of you, you have your loyal brands that you know work.

I bought this product after MANY of my influencer friends saying I have to try it. It took a bit of convincing because why should I have another Glitter product in my life? Not everyone wants to wear glitter on a day to day basis. What makes this one so special?

Artist Couture Diamond Lights Finisher – Product Video

First Impression:

Like I said, the packaging didn’t make my eyes “drool” when I first saw it. Then, when I opened the item and was holding it, I realized that there is a minimal elegance that screams: “Luxury”.

I was expecting a shimmering loose glitter when removing the sealed safety sticker. To my delight and surprise, you actually end up getting little tiny “beads” of loose pigment!

It also has a cruelty free logo and 24M sign on the bottom of the packaging. This reminds you that you have 24 months till the product expires.


Mac Daddy formulated this product to be used with the fingers! Brushes make a mess and the oils from your finger melts the product into the skin.

Artist Couture Diamond Lights Lid

Product Review:

People always say that you shouldn’t wear glitter when you reach a certain age. It apparently makes you look more mature and accentuates the texture in the skin. THIS ISN’T ALWAYS TRUE.

There are no hard “black and white” rules in makeup. Only guidelines. NOWADAYS with technology always changing, there are products that can work for all ages! We get to experience these kinds of products like never before!

This is a buildable, multi-functional product that surprised me (in a good way). You need very little for maximum payoff. When you use your ring finger to apply the product on the eyes, face, lips, or body, it gives full control and a flawless look.

The Final Look:

I would never use the word “Glitter” when describing the finish. I felt polished and expensive. Don’t we all deserve to feel polished and expensive?!

I am super happy with the results and honestly, I need to try everything from Artist Couture now.

Artist Couture Glitter Closeup Lid

How to Use:

Fingers. Key word is FINGERS. Or if you’re a brush junkie like me, use a brush to apply the Diamond Lights Finisher on top of your lipstick on your lips. Then smudge it around with your ring finger for an even blend.

Tips and Tricks

I love loose products like this, especially when I can get a controlled, natural or an evening look with it.

You have got to try mixing a tiny sprinkle of the loose formula with your face or body moisturizer! It creates a STUNNING glow that can be worn as is or of course with your favorite foundation.

Have you heard of the big trend that is happening right now that is all the rage? A natural “wet” look on the eyes and here is how you do it:

Pick up a tiiinnnyyy bit of the formula on your ring finger, use small “sweeping” motion on the bottom of the top eyelid. Work your way from the lash line to above the fold/crease. Then use your clean middle finger to “blend” the edges.

You are going to love this look. Pair it with a layer of mascara and you are going to level up your natural day look game.

Is Artist Couture Diamond Lights Worth it?

Editors Rating:

There is so much product payoff for how little is in the container. Seems small at first, but you don’t always need to rely on the size…

I tried all the variations of looks with this product and well, the world is your oyster!

It is super easy to use, all ages can wear this product, and you deserve to feel good!