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Get the Perfectly Arched Brows You’ve Always Wanted

Good eyebrows are always in. You can almost guarantee that whatever the trend is, arched brows will be part of it. Whether high arches, low arches, or something in between, perfecting the shape of your brow comes with major payoffs.

Read on as we help you get arch-perfect eyebrows that match your face shape and accentuate your natural beauty.

Perfect Arched Eyebrows with Freckles

The Arched Brow Trend

Over the last few years, we’ve had laminated, fluffy, bleached, and micro-bladed brows come in and out of fashion. One thing that stays consistent? We love a good arch.

In 2023, it appears the high arch won’t be as prominent. Straight brows are becoming popular, too. And with the return of the Y2K style, can we expect to see arch-thin eyebrows coming back as well? Anything is possible.

Once you know how to match your brows to your face shape, it’s easy to experiment with any look you like.

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Face Shape and Brow Type

Your eyebrows frame your face, intending to balance the rest of your features. Choose a brow that’s too intense, and it can overpower your whole look. Likewise, a thin or soft brow that lacks distinction can seem out of place.

Best Brow Type for Your Face Shape Infographic

The key to accentuating your natural beauty is matching your eyebrows to your face shape. As it turns out, there’s a bit of a science to it. Here are the recommendations:

  • Round shape faces: high arch eyebrows.
  • Oval shape faces: natural arch eyebrows.
  • Heart shape faces: rounded or soft eyebrows.
  • Square shape faces: flat with gentle arch eyebrows.
  • Long shape faces: straight or soft eyebrows.
  • Rectangle shaped faces: flat with a small curve eyebrows.
  • Diamond shaped faces: straight or soft eyebrows.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules. Experiment with different shapes by filling your brows and finding something that suits your face.

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How to get Perfectly Arched Eyebrows

Alas, not all of us are born with natural soft arch eyebrows. Instead, some of us must tweeze, wax, and fill our way to perfection. If you’d rather skip a session with a brow stylist, there are ways to get the perfect arch at home.

Brow Makeup

Powders, gels, pencils, and more. There are many ways to define and fill in your existing brows to get the arched shape you want. A little bit of experimentation will lead you towards your favourite method.


A solid pair of eyebrow tweezers will help you catch those strays that throw off your gorgeous arch. And if you’re ready to take the next step, there are other longer-lasting hair removal methods. Sugaring and waxing are the most common – but they take time to master.

Brow Brush

Eyebrow brushes are perfect for creating a fluffy, natural look. Plus, they’re a valuable tool for shaping, trimming, and waxing brows to keep everything lined up neatly. Anastasia Beverly Hills #7B has earned cult status as one of the best.

Eyebrow Scissors

We recommend only using eyebrow scissors to trim these delicate hairs. Like small sets of nail trimmers, they can help you target just one hair at a time. Brow Code’s aptly named Scissors are our favourite, custom-made for brows.

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Steps to Creating Arched Eyebrows

  1. Start with eyebrow mapping. You need a plan for the arch, tail, and beginning of your brow. Hold an eyebrow pencil on the outer edge of your nostril, making a line up to your brow. Here’s your starting point. Next, tilt the brush slightly, so it’s in line with the centre of your eye. This will be the peak of the arch. Lastly, tilt diagonally to the outer edge of your eye to determine where the brow should end.
  2. Brush and tweeze. Brush out both eyebrows upwards from the start to the arch. Then, brush them toward the hair growth from arch to tail. If the hairs grow out of the mapped zone, use the tweezers to get the shape in order.
  3. Fill them in. Use your brow powder, gel, or pencil to fill the spots without hair. Go lightly at first, then add a little more density if it needs it. Take a step back occasionally to see how they’re looking.
  4. Finish them. With the shape sorted, you’ll now want to brush them out with a clear or tinted brow gel. This adds definition and volume, plus it’ll hold them in place longer. Brush backwards first to zhuzh them up, then up and in the direction the hair grows, as you did before. Want more impact? A highlighter or concealer underneath the brow can make it pop.

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Keeping Your Arched Brows on Point

Arched eyebrows require a bit of maintenance to keep them in shape. We recommend having them shaped professionally every two to six months and then doing the upkeep yourself.

Brow serums, like The Ordinary’s Lash and Brow Peptide, support thicker and healthier brows with ingredients that promote growth and extend the hair growth cycle. If things are looking a little sparse, these twice-a-day serums can be a game-changer.

Common Brow Problems (And how to Fix Them)

Let’s face it; we’ve all had a brow emergency at some point. But if you’re on the quest toward the perfect arch eyebrow, you don’t want anything standing in your way. Here are a few common brow problems and some quick tips on how to fix them.

  1. One brow is higher than the other

    This is a common issue, usually due to differences in facial muscle tone. The easiest solution is to shade and shape the brows to match better (without trying to make them 100% identical).

  2. My eyebrows are too long

    Trimming your eyebrows can help manage wild hairs, but it can be tricky. Brush the hairs upward first to see which ones are most unruly, and only use eyebrow scissors to trim the ends gently.

  3. My eyebrows have no colour definition

    Brow tinting is a quick fix for colourless brows, lasting up to six weeks. To add colour yourself, a tinted brow gel is ideal if you choose something that matches your natural shade and skin tone.

The Perfect Arch for You

Eyebrows are an ever-changing beauty trend and an exciting one to keep your eye on. Perfecting the arched eyebrow can take work, but if you match it perfectly to your face, it’ll never go out of style.

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Are Arched Eyebrows Attractive?

Arched eyebrows are considered a more feminine look, but it depends on the individual. Many popular eyebrow trends feature an arch of some style, so it’s an attractive style.

Which Eyebrow Shape is the Most Attractive?

The most attractive eyebrow shape depends on the face shape of the wearer and the beauty trends in your country. Generally, a gentle to medium arch is considered appealing as it suits a wider range of face types and shapes.

Are Arched Eyebrows Out of Style?

No, arched eyebrows aren’t out of style. However, the height and position of the arch change as new trends emerge, so there’s always a new one to discover.

How Often Should You Arch Your Brows?

You should visit a brow specialist every two to six months to maintain the arch in your eyebrows. The time between visits depends on the rate and thickness of eyebrow growth.